November 14, 2011

Marsella Wins Recount, Council Seats Wednesday

First term Councilman Charles Marsella won a recount against fellow Democratic candidate David Gentile for a seat on the Town Council. The recount for the First District seat was held Saturday morning and Marsella garnered 1600 votes to Gentile’s 1592. There was a two vote difference between the recount and the original numbers during the election.

This finalizes the slate of members that will be seated at Council’s organizational meeting Wednesday evening at Town Hall. Mayor Dunn will be sworn in for his fifth term as mayor and the Council will then be seated at 7 pm, in accordance with the Town Charter. Continue reading

November 14, 2011

Board of Education Results

Below are the results of Tuesday’s Elections for Board of Education. Results are compiled from the Town Clerk’s office.

The previous Board consisted of five Republicans and four Democrats. The new board favors a firm Republican lock with a 6-3 majority. Continue reading

November 14, 2011

Sen. Blumenthal Wants to Repeal Marriage Act

US Senator Blumenthal spoke during a senate hearing to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act which was enacted just a few years ago. The Act decided that the federal government would recognize marriage as one between a man and a women. It does not override state laws, but merely defines the term marriage when it applies to federal taxes, benefits, and other issues before the government.

In part, Blumenthal testified: “There is no question we need to focus on jobs and econ growth, no certainty on when the senate vote will be. But the cause of justice will be advanced when this committee votes… in favor of repealing DOMA.” Continue reading

November 12, 2011

Recount To Be Held for Council Seat Today

Democrats will father at Town Hall today to see whether or not 1st District Councilman Chuck Marsella’s 10 vote victory over former three term councilman David Gentile will hold up. Under state law, an automatic recount is held if there is a difference of 1/2 of one percent of the vote separating the winner and loser of a contest or if the vote count is within 20 votes votes.

This will be the fourth municipal election in a row which has required a recount. Both Marsella and Gentile are Democrats and therefore will not affect the new 6-3 balance on the Council. Republicans regained control of the Council in a stunning across-the-board run last Tuesday.

The recount will being at 10 am in Council chambers. It is expected to take several hours. In past recounts, the vote difference has not changed by more than two or three votes in either side.

November 12, 2011

Granny Snatching: Euthanasia Battle Among Baby Boomers

Ron Winter

Not a single day goes by without several emails hitting my inbox, warning of new attempts to legislate euthanasia in the US or telling me of a poll being run on a newspaper or other website, and urging people to log on and vote.

As the population ages, and funding to provide housing and medical services… continue reading

November 11, 2011

High Winds Could Bring Down Limbs Trees Tonight

By George Gombossy

Governor Dannel P. Malloy is cautioning residents to be aware that strong winds today are bringing down damaged trees and limbs, already weak from the October nor’easter that impacted the state two weeks ago. As a result, thousands more lost their power today in Cheshire, Simsbury, Rocky Hill, Newington and Southington. More outages can be expected this evening.

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November 11, 2011

Auto Show Starts Friday; Industry Rebounding in CT

CT Auto Retailers Association

By Ellen Delisio
CT Tech Junkie

State automotive leaders are celebrating a re-energized industry this weekend at the Connecticut International Auto Show, set for Friday through Sunday at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy plans to open the show Friday, joined by Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Melody Curry and Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Daniel Esty. The show features some of the newest models of hybrid, luxury, family, and specialty cars.

New car sales in the state are revving up again… Continue Reading

November 11, 2011

Books: ‘Best Kitchens on Wheels’

By Karen Swartz
The Middletown Eye

There’s a lot of buzz lately about food trucks. They’ve been around for over a hundred years, originally as chuck wagons to feed people during westward expansion in the late 1800s, and later as mobile canteens or lunch carts at workplaces beginning in the 1950s. Today, food trucks are popular and trendy, and are a respected outlet for making excellent quality food affordable and accessible. Published this year, Heather Shouse’s book Food Trucks – Dispatches and Recipes from the Best Kitchens on Wheels, contains mouth watering photographs from food trucks scouted out in big cities all over the United States. The book has profiles of multiple acclaimed restaurant chefs who have turned to food trucks later in their career. The trend is not just a big city one, it’s hit smaller cities and towns like Hartford and Middletown just the same.

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November 10, 2011

Welcome to the Whisper

Welcome, new readers!

I’m glad you found us. There is alot of news that goes on throughout Wolcott and is not covered in the traditional and more established news outlets. The Whisper is here to fill that void!

We are always looking for writers that can help us create a communication tool that readers throughout the Wolcott area can find value in. Whether the topic is hard news, sports, school events, or human interest stories, if you have an interest in people or a knack for writing, contact us!

Are you a new or existing business and want to increase your advertising base? We offer competitive monthly rates. Please take a look at our advertising page and give us a shout. Our ad representative will respond quickly. Continue reading

November 10, 2011

Communication Failures Continue; NU President Offers Apology and $10M

By Christine Stuart

In what could be seen as another communications failure for Northeast Utilities, the parent company of Connecticut Light & Power, a press release calling for a conference call with the media went out minutes before the telephone conference was held. Only two reporters were on the call.

In the press release announcing the conference call, Charles W. Shivery, president and CEO of Northeast Utilities, offered an apology and announced the establishment of a fund to help its customers impacted by the October snowstorm.

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November 10, 2011

Group Wants Cell Phone Carriers to Start Overage Notifications

Jenn Strathman, Consumer Advocate

Jenn Strathman, Consumer Advocate

If your cell phone company is going to charge you extra money for going over your usage limits, you will be notified under an agreement passed last month. The proposal takes effect in a year to stop what’s known as “bill shock.” While the notification is a bold step of unity, Consumers Union is pushing cell phone companies to offer this notification now rather than waiting a year.

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November 10, 2011

Weather Brings Warm Melodies and Hard Hats

By Mike Valletta
In Touch…With The Litchfield Hills

This past Monday, just before election day, was a fantastic weather day here in the hills of Connecticut. A far cry from what it was nearly a week and a half ago as we sat inside our igloos with over a foot of snow outside. Monday was just perfect. Spring like in fact, and if mother nature is confused, we’ll take advantage of it, right?

Right. As New Englanders …

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November 9, 2011

Republicans Pledge To Work With Mayor; Landslide Against Dems; Turnout Low

**Updated Thursday 8:30 am**
The VFW hall was filled with celebration as Republicans arrived from their Wolcott Rd. headquarters, learning what the next two years would bring. Across town at the East Street eatery, the mood was more somber as Democrats questioned what happened. For the first time in many years, long serving Democrats were ushered from office and replaced by a cadre of newcomesrs who pledged to work closely with Mayor Dunn. It is also the first time the Council has had a six member majority in at least a decade.

Dunn beat Democratic challenger Steven Olmstead 4180- 803.

The newly formed Town Council will be seated next Wednesday and have an entirely new dynamic. For the past two years, Council headed by four member minority Democrats Michael Santogatta and Steven Olmstead will see neither of the leaders. Fellow Democrat Michael Perrone lost re-election in a Row C gamble and even the fate of Charles Marsella hangs in the balance with a recount. Continue reading