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  1. The Wolcott Rabies Clinic is Saturday June 12th 1-3 at the Town Garage 24 Todd Road behind Frisbee School. SHOTS ARE STILL ONLY 10 DOLLARS !!!! dogs from Wolcott can be licensed also. Debbie Slater and her most of the Town Clerk’s office will again volunteer their time. All proceeds go directly to the Wolcott Dog Pound. Non-residents are welcome. Dogs on Leashes and cats in carriers please.

  2. Please go to ARFCT.org to get the latest info

  3. Rabies Clinis 2011 is Saterday June 4th from 1-3pm at the Town Garage 24 Todd Road. Cost is 13 dollars per shot or 2 for 25 dollars. All money helps the Wolcott Dog Fund which runs the Dog Pound in Wolcott. Let’s keep our Pound as close to NO KILL as we can. To donate send checks to “animal shelter supply fund’ 225 Nichols Road Wolcott Ct 06716 att Animal control.

  4. I’d like to thank evrybody in Wolcott for their support of Arf and the Wolcott Dog Pound. I just unloaded a Ton of dog food donations bought by the shoppers of Walsh’s IGA. Erin Ward, the best volunteer I know, had put a box asking for bleach, cleaners and food for the pound and it filled up so fast!!! We run most of our Wolcott dog pound on donations through checks sent to ANIMAL SHELTER SUPPLY FUND 225 Nichols Rd 06716 and through people like the Wards and Wolcott dog lovers in general. I always say Wolcott is the best town one can work for, especially as an Animal Control Officer.The Wolcott Whisperer and Community News are the best and I have a great boss in Capt Dom Angiolillo, Chief Ed Stephens, and Mayor Tom Dunn who help us run a no-kill dog pound for adoptable animals in Wolcott. Sean Sullivan and I do the best we can as M.A.C.O.’s but we owe our thanks to you, the people of Wolcott. Thank you for never letting the animals down. Respectfully, Joe Ouimet Wolcott Animal Control and Arf’s Shelter Manager

  5. Now that some of the smoke has cleared with the 2011 election with the recount of Marcella over Gentile, attention will turn to who will be the next Council Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

    At this moment in time the decision has been made and will all be official on Wednesday evening. My guess is Mastrofrancesco as Chair and Velletta as Vice Chair. But there have been surprises in Wolcott before.

    Gail is a newcomer to the Republican fold, Velletta has served his dues but look at the vote count that Picard mustered.

    I can’t wait until Wed. night to see how this turns out!

    • I would guess the same Mike, although Don Charette has been on a variety of commissions and offers some well defined experience.

  6. Wisper…

    Come on, with all going on, you must have some inside info into, let’s say, the school district realignment? Or, how about, the new Miss Wolcott?

  7. It was great to see all the Wolcott people at the new Arf Shelter Open House last Saturday. I’m always saying to my fellow Arf volunteers that there isn’t another town that supports animals like Wolcott. They usually respond by saying that I’m lucky to work as Animal Control for such a town and have such supportive bosses and residents. That has always been common knowledge to me.I just want to thank everybody again and remind them that Arf is Wolcott’s shelter as well as Terryville’s shelter. We are regional. We hope soon to cut that ribbon in the Spring and begin adoptions. Thank you for allowing me to brag to everybody at Arf which is a mix of volunteers from various towns how caring and compassionate my hometown is when itcomes to helping our homeless, abused and neglegted dogs and cats!! If one looked at the crowd at the Open House they would have swore they were in Wolcott. There was that many fellow Wolcott people there. I was touched.Please go to arfct.org and check us out and be a part of the team.

  8. Greetings from your local Health District, Chesprocott H.D. in Cheshire (covering Cheshire, Prospect & Wolcott). We are hosting a FOCUS GROUP at the Wolcott Library on the evening of Tuesday, 2/23, at 5:30. We are interested in your opinions about the health of your community, the pressing health concerns, and other matters. Refreshments will be served. You would be providing important information for a community health assessment. Space is limited. If you are interested in participating, please save your spot by emailing or calling me. Deb Kaszas 203-272-2761, dkaszas@chesprocott.org as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your help!

  9. I would like to attend, what is the anticipated length of the meeting?

  10. No longer than 2 hours. Thanks for asking.

  11. Michael Bruce, can I count you in?

  12. 90% yes…….me and my camera?

    • Actually, camera won’t work since you’d need permission from all participants to take photos. Everything shared in Focus Group is confidential, really including your attendance. Let me know if you’d still like to attend 🙂

      • Put me not the camera down as a strong maybe. With what I do I can only pencil in personal things. I’ve penciled in the 23rd at the library.

  13. Great! Would love to hear from any other interested Wolcott residents!

  14. Hello Michael Bruce! Reminder that Chesprocott’s focus group is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) evening @ Wolcott library, @ 5:30 p.m. We look forward to seeing you then!

  15. Unfortunately, Chesprocott has decided to postpone tonight’s focus group on account of weather. The Wolcott library’s been notified and Chesprocott’s Facebook page has been updated. We hope to reschedule for mid-next week. We’ll advise ASAP. THANKS-

    Deb Kaszas

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