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May 27, 2011

War Encampment Memorializes Bristol’s Fallen

One hundred and fifty years after the beginning of the Civil War, Bristol intends to erect a monument along Memorial Drive honoring its 54 soldiers who died during four year struggle. To bring people back in time, a war encampment of Union and Confederate troops will line Memorial Boulevard from 8a – 3 pm Saturday. The public is invited to see a variety of other military displays as well. Bugle renditions and performances by the 94 Army Band will be played throughout the day.

Read more about the memorial and what happened to the former memorial at the Bristol Press.

Additional Source: Hartford Courant

May 26, 2011

Dog Marchers Wanted!

The Town’s Memorial Day Parade will kick off Monday evening at 6:00 pm. This is a terrific day to kick off the summer by honoring the brave men and women – even the dozens from Wolcott that have fought so we can enjoy the every day things we do over the summer. Wolcott has dozens of residents currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, even a few that have been injured. Please line the parade route on Woodtick and NIchols Rd. and join the town in recognizing these men and women at a ceremony at Woodtick Recreation afterward.

Marchers are needed for the parade and should line up between 5:00 and 5:30 at St. Piux X Church. Municipal Animal Control Officer Joe Ouimet is looking for dog walkers to help support the Animal Rescue Foundation.

A Rabies Clinic will be held from 1-3pm on June 4th at the Town Garage, 24 Todd Road behind Frisbie School. A shot will cost $13 dollars or 2 for 25 dollars. All money helps the Wolcott Dog Fund which runs the Dog Pound in Wolcott. Let’s keep our Pound as close to NO KILL as we can. To donate send checks to “animal shelter supply fund’ 225 Nichols Road Wolcott Ct 06716 att Animal control.

May 25, 2011

Troop 231 Collects Cans

A Bottle and Can Drive sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 231 will take place June 4th. Simply leave your cans by your mailbox for pickup that morning before 8 am. Proceeds will assist the Troop with sending scouts to camp where they learn valuable life skills.

Any questions, contact Scoutmasters Kevin Spartas at 879-2933. The Troop’s website is here.

May 24, 2011

Town Council Nearing Final Budget Decisions

After over a month of hearings involving each town department and the Board of Education, the Town Council is holding its final deliberations on the budget at a workshop tonight at Alcott School. Mayor Thomas G. Dunn proposed a Municipal Budget which is $723,517.51 lower than last year’s. Most of this savings came from refinancing the town’s debt service to lower interest rates.

Click Gen’l Gov’t 2011-2012 Proposed Budget to view Mayor Dunn’s proposed budget

The Board of Education is

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May 23, 2011

Crossroads Drug Group Meets Tonight

A new drug awareness group has begun meeting in town. Joseph Dunn and Jack Hamel began the group after becoming concerned about the number of residents in Wolcott who have died because of drug overdoses. The goal of the group is to find solutions and refer children and parents to resources that they can help stup the cycle of drugs before it takes a life. Anyone is welcome.

Wolcott is not immune to drug problems and a significant amount of burglary and other crimes which occur are related to drug acquisition. Even older adults can be addicted to heroin or legal drugs including prescription medications.

The group meets at the Youth Center behind Frisbie School every Monday from 7:30 – 9:00 pm. Come and go as you please and the doors are open. For further information contact Joe Dunn at (203) 560-1665 or Jack Hamel (203) 560-3320.

May 22, 2011

Opinion: Legislature Disregards Logic

While the state grappled with a multibillion dollar budget crisis, some state legislators, including Sen. Beth Bye of West Harford, Reps. Holder-Winfield of New Haven and Geoff Luxenberg of Manchester worked on a bill to extend the current protections for housing, workplace, and other facets of life to people who are confused on whether they are male or female. Perhaps, well meaning, but legislators are not considering the confusion this legislation will cause to the public.

Trans-gendered people suffer from Sexual Identity Disorder, a problem recognized by

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May 13, 2011

Bd of Education Budget Playing Tonight

The Board of Education presented its 2011-2012 budge proposal to the Town Council this past Tuesday at its regular meeting. A tape of their request is on Ch. 96. It will play throughout the night and on Saturday until tomorrow evening.

Superintendant Joe Macary, BOE Chairwoman Patricia Najarian and School Business Manager Todd Bendtsen are the presenters.

The budget has a 2.11% increase, however that increase is covered under a federal Educational Jobs Grant.

May 7, 2011

Fire Dept. Starts Saturday Dinners Tonight

Have you eaten yet?
How does italian ziti sound on this beautiful spring afternoon with meatballs, bread and a cake for desert?

Meet your neighbors tonight at Company #2’s annual Ziti Dinner on North St. until 7 pm. The food is great and goes towards protecting your neighbors.

In the upcoming week, the other two fire companies will have their Roast Beef fundraisers. Company #1 on Central Ave. (Hitchcock Lake) will host residents on Saturday evening, and Company 3 will cook up their famous roast beef and potatoes on Sunday (May 15) on Lyman Rd.

Its a great night to meet your neighbors and enjoy the spring air. And if you’ve thought about helping out the fire department, make sure you speak up!

May 3, 2011

Town Council, State House Both Live

The Town Council’s regular meeting is now being aired live on Ch. 96.

The House side of the General Assembly is holding debate on the Senate’s budget proposal. As of 7 pm each Republican representative has begun making their case for an alternative budget proposal which would combine agencies and freeze taxes. That may be viewed online on The Connecticut Network by clicking here.

May 3, 2011

Senate Democrats Hold Fast on State Budget

Source: CT General Assembly and the League of Women Voters Education Fund, Inc.

It was a long night in Hartford, but the drama of the evening to see who might mutiny against the Governor’s proposed budget dwaddled when the first votes were taken just after midnight early Tuesday morning. First, the session began with self accolades by Democrats explaining the Governor’s budget followed by Republicans who focused on the new tax structure. After each of the 36 state senators laid out their role in crafting the budget and opinion, Senate Democrats passed an amendment to add an additional $200 million to the Governor’s proposal. Introductions and opinions alone ran over 8 hours – and then Senate Republicans began introducing their 75 different amendments to pair, splice and break up portions of the legislature’s tax and spending package.

The first vote was a proposal by Senate Republicans for an alternative budget with no tax increase. That failed on a party line vote 22-14. That’s ok. Surely a single Democrat would like one of

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May 2, 2011

ARF Hosts Scot Haney & Brad Davis for Shelter Auction

Thursday 4:30 - 8:00 at Nuchie's in Bristol

Animal lovers Scot Haney and Brad Davis will highlight a auction and fundraising dinner for the Animal Rescue Foundation Thursday night. The organization is continuing its efforts to rebuild its Terryville rescue shelter which burned down in 2008. Haney is the enthusiastic morning meteorologist on WFSB-3 who frequently profiles lost pets during the newscast. Davis is promoting the event on his WDRC morning radio show.

The evening will include a pasta dinner beginning at 4:30 and a live auction. Some of the take includes luxury suites for baseball and basketbal gamss as well as a hand painted vase by Mackenzie Child. Credit cards will be accepted.

VIP tickets as well as general admission tickets are available in advance ONLY by calling Bill at (860) 582-0234. No tickets will be sold at the door.

May 2, 2011

Vote on Malloy’s Tax, Budget Expected Today in State Senate

Gov. Dannel Malloy

In case you want some light Monday morning reading, the Governor’s proposed budget can be found here: 2012-2013 Proposed Budget

Sources at the Capitol inform the Whisper that the State Senate debate on Governor Malloy’s proposed state budget will begin on Monday. The proposal includes dozens of new taxes and tax increases including those on income, sales, real estate, and many others. One tax will be missing is Malloy’s proposal to increase the state gas tax by three cents. Republicans and taxpayer groups point out that Connecticut’s gas tax has already increased by at least 7 cents in the past month. This is because Connecticut has two separate taxes on gas. One is a twenty three cent tax, and another is a 7% gross receipts tax. As the price of gas rises, this tax also rises by 7%, growing the amount payable to the state.

UPDATE: The 3 cent gas tax is eliminated, but the diesel tax will by increase 4 cents.
For a list of all of the proposed taxes, click here

Wolcott is expected to receive

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