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January 31, 2011

Do You Own a Snow Rake?

Be safe up there!

Numerous residents were spotted on their roofs with small snowblowers and shovels while others tossed snow rakes up on their roofs. Supplies are

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January 27, 2011

Storm Notes

No School Today (but you didn’t have to turn on the TV to know that)

“The roads are tight right now. We had alot of snow and it was blinding at times through out the night. When the sun hits it and the plows get a chance to dig at it, the roads will clear up,” says Mayor Thomas G. Dunn this morning at 7 am.

About 12 inches of snow at the base of Brookdale St. this morning; 10 of it after 9 pm last night. How much at your house?

A Parking Ban exists townwide on

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January 27, 2011

Storm Produces “Bumpiest Ride Ever”

At 6 am this morning, contractors started getting out to work. Wolcott is home to an army of plow contractors that often start working around 4 am clearing business lots. As home to many emergency and healthcare workers, and with its short commute to Connecticut’s major cities, Wolcott works early, even in snowstorms. At the same time, caution also needs to be urged with our hilly town. About 10

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January 13, 2011

How Much in Your Yard?

Wolcott experienced record snowfall with 24-30 inches around town. How much did you get?

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January 13, 2011

New Law Ideas Due This Week

Wolcott has new representation in Hartford and both State Representative Robert Sampson and State Senator Joe Markley are busy filing bills. If you have any ideas on what you would like to have proposed during the 2010 session, try to get your ideas to them this week. Their contacts are below.

Sampson already has a list of bills he is prepared to introduce here.

Among his proposals are holding public hearings before a group home is located in a residential neighborhood, reducing unfunded mandates and making English the official state language. He also has introduced a variety of hunting and fishing bills.

Joe Markley – or 1-800-842-1421
His Aide is Pam Salamone who will be able to assist with any constituent services as well.

Rob Sampson –
Sampson’s aide is David Williams

January 5, 2011

Chief O’Leary Resigns

After serving for nearly a year and a half, Police Chief Neil O’Leary announced his resignation Tuesday. The resignation occurs only a week after four new police recruits and an Assistant Police Chief were sworn in to the department. Those actions capped O’Leary’s brief, though productive mission to restore respect and professionalism to a department which was beleaguered with nepotism and internal strife just two years ago. Among other steps he took was a reorganization of the department’s command structure, the completion of a standards manual and other steps which have improved morale.

Long considered as a possible candidate for the Mayor of Waterbury, O’Leary’s announcement is timely as municipal elections will be held ten months from now. He currently serves on the Board of Education and is well respected throughout the Watebury area after making improvements to Waterbury’s Police Activities League. A swimming area in Wolcott will be incorporated within that program in the future.

The resignation is effective on January 29th.