Sen. Blumenthal Wants to Repeal Marriage Act

US Senator Blumenthal spoke during a senate hearing to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act which was enacted just a few years ago. The Act decided that the federal government would recognize marriage as one between a man and a women. It does not override state laws, but merely defines the term marriage when it applies to federal taxes, benefits, and other issues before the government.

In part, Blumenthal testified: “There is no question we need to focus on jobs and econ growth, no certainty on when the senate vote will be. But the cause of justice will be advanced when this committee votes… in favor of repealing DOMA.”

Watch the four minute video here.

Blumenthal continued that states will not need to change thier laws if the DOMA repeal is enacted, although an analysis of the bill before the Senate cannot confirm his interpretation.

Historically, both the federal and state legislature will name a bill in contradiction of what the language of the same bill actually does, so caution should be taken when interpreting Mr. Blumenthal’s remarks.


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