About The Whisper

There’s alot that goes on in this town of about 16,000 people, but not alot of us know even what our neighbors are up to. There are dozens of youth activities, active church organizations, businesses with unique offerings, and interesting people that play a role in our lives all around us. The government of the town is filled with volunteers that make decisions on your taxes and your children’s education. This blog serves as a news outlet and glimpse into what’s going on around you as well as opinion page that may shape the decisions you have to make as a resident.

All residents are welcome to contribute news, information and even whole articles. Whether it youth sports scores, a business opening or strictly opinion, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to include it. Writers wanted.

The blog is updated strictly on a volunteer basis for now, and so we apologize in advance for lags in coverage. You might want to consider subscribing to the Whisper so that stories will be delivered to your e-mail when they are published.

The opinions expressed are usually of the Wolcott Whisper and commentary is usually noted that is such. Unsigned opinions are usually those of the publisher of the Whisper unless otherwise noted.

Incomplete articles may occaisionaly be published even if based upon rumor or unsubstantiated facts. In such cases, extra care will be taken to note the source of such rumor and that the information given is incomplete. The purpose of such articles is to seek out new information to complete such articles. Similarly, articles will be published to suppress misinformation as well, especially if they are conveyed during public meetings and forums. It should be made clear that there is a standard between opinion and fact, however. If you have information to add to these pieces, please contact us.

Comments are welcome on all articles published. You may express approval or disapproval to any article by clicking the words “Add a Comment” highlighted in red after each article. Additional facts, contacts or information are also encouraged in the comment section. We only ask that language be clean and respectful. Inflammatory and hateful and similar unproductive commentary may be deleted. The site is moderated daily.

We hope you enjoy the writing and the blog and look forward to your involvement.

(203) 558-5817

Christopher O’Brien

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