Welcome to the Whisper

Welcome, new readers!

I’m glad you found us. There is alot of news that goes on throughout Wolcott and is not covered in the traditional and more established news outlets. The Whisper is here to fill that void!

We are always looking for writers that can help us create a communication tool that readers throughout the Wolcott area can find value in. Whether the topic is hard news, sports, school events, or human interest stories, if you have an interest in people or a knack for writing, contact us!

Are you a new or existing business and want to increase your advertising base? We offer competitive monthly rates. Please take a look at our advertising page and give us a shout. Our ad representative will respond quickly.

Do you have something to contribute? You can add to the conversation or your thoughts at the end of any article. Please use this, particularly if you know something we don’t. Maybe something we write will spark a new idea or rile an opinion. Share it!

So who are we?
The Wolcott Whisper began as an informational blog started by lifelong Wolcott resident Christopher O’Brien while he was a member of the Town Council. He felt that information wasn’t clearly conveyed in the local newspaper. He also missed the news that made us relate to each other. So he began writing. As a trained paramedic, avid church goer and someone who enjoys a good story, he has many interests.

The Whisper is also part of a network of independent publishers across Connecticut called the Independent Media Network. Other members of the network include online radio outlets, columnists, investigative and religion reporters, and others who cover state issues.

How do you reach us?
By Phone: 203-558-5817
By E-mail: WolcottWhisper@gmail.com
Snail Mail: 7 Brookdale St., Ste. 5; Wolcott CT 06716


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