2010 Elections

Latest Update: 1/27/10: Governor and US Senate links listed, Constitutional offices listed; Boughton, Marsh, Wright, and Griebold added as candidates for Governor,

The election cycle in 2010 is anticipated to be one of the most interesting in recent history. Politics are more divided than usual and citizen groups such as the Tea Parties are having a larger impact than ever.

The Whisper anticipates covering races that impact Wolcott on all levels. Below is a list of races to be held in 2010 and then the timeline for the races:

State- wide Offices

Governor – Governor Rell announced in November that she would not seek re-election. Click here for a list of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who have announced their intentions to run for the seat.

Attorney General: Present AG Richard Blumenthal annonuced that he would seek Sen. Dodd’s seat. In his wake, Susan Byceiwiez, one other Democrat and a Republican has also expressed interest. Waterbury Mayor MIchael Jarjur also is considering a run.

Secretary of State – Susan Byceiwiez is vacating this job to run for Attorney General. Two Republicans and a couple Democrats have expressed intent for the job.


Federal Offices
US Senate
– Each state elects 2 US Senators for 6 year rotating terms. This year the seat currently held by Chris Dodd is up for vote. Dodd is not seeking re-election.

US Congress
– The House of Representatives has 435 members whose districts are divided up by state population. Connecticut has 5 representatives. Wolcott is in the 5th Congressional District currently represented by Chris Murphy. There are 41 towns in the district stretching from Danbury to Meriden and New Britain. Waterbury and Torrington are also in the district as are numerous smaller towns throughout northwestern Connecticut.

Local State Races
State Senate – 16th District
– The State Senate has 36 Senatorial Districts throughout the state. The 16th District consists of the entire town of Southington and Wolcott, as well as the northern part of Cheshire and the East End and Bucks Hill sections of Waterbury. Sam Caligiuri of Waterbury is ou current Senator.

State House – 80th District
– The State General Assembly has 151 seats. The 80th District covers all of Wolcott plus two voting districts in the Marion and Plantsville sections of Southington. John “Corky” Mazurek of Wolcott is our current Representative.

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