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October 31, 2010

What’s Your Opinion?

Surely you have an opinion on some of the races going on.

Please e-mail and they will be posted to the Whisper. If you want to contribute a brief letter (less than 500 words please), please do. It may take an hour or two for it to be posted, but it will be. Because the election is important to Wolcott, this blog encourages public discussion of issues and candidates.

We reserve the right to reject any letters, and will not publish letters which require heavy editing. Minor edits may be made by the editor for clarity.

October 31, 2010

Update: Union Activists Storm Markley HQ

State Senate candidate Joe Markley and his staff were surprised this morning when two union activists stormed their Southington headquarters shouting at volunteers readying to work for the day. “They came in, tried to pick a fight with Tom Scott, then take our signs,” says campaign manager, Peter Bowman. Volunteers successfully removed the two men before police arrived. As of 1 pm, about a dozen activists from SEIU protested outside the North Main St. office.

Bowman further stated that the men had literature that purported to be from Markley but contained false information about him. It is unclear if the activists were connected with Markley’s opponent, John Barry.

To date, the race for the 16th Senatorial District which includes Wolcott, Waterbury, Cheshire and Southington has been civil and largely

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October 31, 2010

Does Police Review Board Have Support? Q#3


A proposal for a Police Commissin will be on the ballot. While many other towns and cities have police commissions, there hasn’t seemed to be alot of discussion surrounding this new idea for Wolcott outside of political circles. Last year of course the doors were opened on a slew of complaints within the police department ranging from nepotism and favoritism to sexual harrassment and official misconduct. The result of that episode led to the resignation of former Police Chief Scirpo and other officers. Police Chief Neil O’Leary was hired to straighten out the department, yet

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October 30, 2010

Charter Revision Question #2 on the Ballot

Attached you will find the text of the proposed new Town Charter. The Town Charter is much like the constitution, only for how to run Wolcott’s local government. You may notice that the Board of Eduation is absent from this document, because the rules governing the Board of Education are made by state statute.

If passed, this Charter will

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October 30, 2010

Debates To be Shown on CT-N Cable Channel

If you haven’t decided who to vote for, or want to watch some of the issus discussed between candidates, the Connecticut Network ( will be replaying debates over the next few days. That channel is channel 97 on Comcast.

October 30, 2010

Candidates’ Forum on Ch. 96 Today

The Whisper will attempt to provide a summary of the races and ballot questions coming up on election day. A candidates forum sponsored by the Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott was held earlier this week and will be broadcast on a loop on Ch. 96.

On the loop, you can view candiates for Governor, Lt. Govenor, US Senate, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Senate and State Representative.

In the mean time, we’d love to hear from you. If you have brief opinions about candidates or the ballot questions, please send an e-mail to Opinions will be marked as such and will be published within a few hours of receipt.

Submissions should be clear, on point and relevant. Please don’t expect The Whisper to edit your submissions, becase with the exception of minor syntax, we won’t. If you have a submission of about 100 words, great. If its 300 words with good points, good also. Novels, though (there are plenty of blogs you can start on

October 26, 2010

Candidates Come To Wolcott

The Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott will be hosting a Meet The Canddiates night at Tyrrell School Wednesday night beginning at 7 pm. Local candidates for State Representative (including Robert Sampson and John “Corky” Mazurek), State Senate (Joe Markley and John Barry) will be in attendance from local races.

For state-wide races, Independent Party Gubernatorial candidate Tom Marsh, CT for Lieberman party candidate for US Senate John Mertens, and Green Party candidate for Attorney General Stephen Fournier will be in attendance.

source: Waterbury Republican – American; Oct. 16th, 2010;

October 26, 2010

Last Day to Register To Vote

Wolcott’s Registrar of Voters will extend their office hours tonight until 8 pm for anyone who would like to register to vote. This includes voters who would like to change their address to a new address in Wolcott. This is the deadline in order to vote in next week’s election. Simply go to Wolcott Town Hall and to the Registrar’s office. Mail-in votes are not being accepted any more. Voters must register in person.

Residents who are 17 but will turn 18 between now and November 2nd can also register today.

Many state poll numbers are showing that the Governor’s race and US Senate races will be very, very close. Every vote will be critical for candidates to win those and other races.

October 24, 2010

Debate Tickets Available

Two candidates for Governor- Republican Tom Foley and Democrat Dan Malloy – will face off for their final debate appearance Monday night in Torrington at 7 pm. Tickets will be distributed at the Yankee Peddler Inn across the street from the Warner Theatre, beginning at 5:30 pm. The debate will be at the Warner Theatre on Main St.

Voters who are still undecided on this race are urged to attend.

October 23, 2010

Voters Should Approve Land Purchase

The Town of Wolcott has the opportunity to buy a piece of property adjacent to Frisbie Elementary School. The property (which is actually composed of two separate building lots to the right of the school and marked by signs) has been appraised at $250,000 but the current owner has offered it to the town for $200,000. Because the price tag is greater than $150,000, by Charter the question has to be put on the ballot for approval. It has and it will be Question #1 on the November ballot.

The working plan is to relocate one of the existing government departments into the building/home that exists on one of the lots (which relocation, I understand, has already been allocated-for in the budget) and to eventually pave the other lot for additional parking for the school, football field and senior center (although, even unpaved, it could be used immediately).

For those of you that have ever had to park at Frisbie for any event (or who have ever had to bring a child to school), you know that the majority of people need to park on the private property (Musano) across the street. It’s a pretty dangerous spot to cross and, quite frankly, having done it myself, I think it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured if not killed. If I recall correctly, there are only 78 spots on the property now and about 50 of those are used by faculty and staff on a daily basis. Some of the spots are also unavailable during school recess.

Look, I realize that these are tight economic times and spending $200,000 is not going to go over with some people. However, I’m also smart enough to know that buying property adjacent to town property – especially school property – is always a good idea and a sound investment… especially when it’s designed not to increase your taxes. Besides, how much will it cost when some crazy driver clips a kid or a family coming around that bend at the corner of Todd Road and Woodtick Road without slowing down during some PTO meeting or book fair?

In fact, the town recently returned a $300,000 surplus and acquired a $50,000 grant which can be used towards the purchase of the property.

In light of that, I’ve offered to donate my time on October 26 to a phone bank designed to attract attention to this issue and to solicit as many friends and supporters for the idea as I can and I’m wondering if any of you would be willing to spare a few hours on that evening to help me out in this endeavor or if you knew anybody else that might be willing to pitch-in.

If you are able to help, I can provide particulars about the where and when. If you know anybody else that might be willing to help, please let me know. Thanks.

Alan M. Giacomi, Esq. 36 Center Street, Waterbury, Connecticut 06702 (203) 757-6732 (203)574-5851 (FAX)

October 23, 2010

Youth Center Now Open

A crowd gathered on Frisbie Field to the sounds of a DJ for the opening of the town’s newest facility for its youngest citizens Saturday afternoon. The facility has one large open room and is ringed by a modern kitchen, office and bathroom facilities. Residents strolled through the grounds and facilities throughout the afternoon, being treated to hot dogs, hamburgers and music. A dozen youngsters jumped in and out a bouncy gym and inside a group of girls demonstrated Zumba.

The completion of the facility comes after 6 years of work by the Wolcott Activities and Learning Center group, headed by DeAnna Morelli, local parents, businessmen and former educators. The Board of Education has been very supportive of the effort over the years when the group hosted dances, movie nights and other youth and family activities. The group has envisioned the project to not only include fun activities, but also afterschool academic support and mentoring activities.

On Monday, an open house and registration session will be held for residents interested in participating in the regular activities at the facility.

October 22, 2010

Candidates Come To Area

Yes…. they’re calling your house and flooding your mail box….

But your decision in just a few days will impact how Wolcott’s schools are run, roads get paved, how social benefits are derived and our foreign affairs are handled.

Indeed, the state decides how much money is allocated for road fundingsalt, education, and othe things in Wolcott. The state currently has 347 different taxes, fees and other sources of revenue. The complete list of these revenues and the amount they take in can be seen here.

Your Congressman in the 5th District and US Senator will have to deliberate foreign policy, national healthcare, federal judges as well as some fiscal impacts to state roads.

In the upcoming weekend, many of the candidates will be in the Wolcott area:

Tom Foley will have a tour of Kizle’s, the Pepper Pot and Grace’s Diner in Southington before he joins other candidates in the Waterbury Spirit parade at noon on Saturday.

The Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott will have a forum this coming Wednesday at Tyrrell school where you can individually interact with canddiates. It will not be a debate, but candiidates will have a few minutes to speak.

If you are inclined to get involved with a campaign, here are your local candidates’ websites. Whatever your poltical persuasions, volunteering in a campaign is a great way to meet new people and advocate for a cause and takin part in our democracy:

80th General Assembly
Corky Mazurek –
Rob Sampson-

16th State Senate
Joe Markley –
John Barry –

Locally, Tom Foley and Dan Malloy both have headquarters in Waterbury. Foley’s is at 3356 East Main St., and Malloy’s at 142 Bank St.

Other candidates can usually be found on their websites. Linda McMahon has an office at the bottom of exit 21 on Meadow St. and Sam Caligiuri’s office is on lower Meriden Rd. near Domino’s and Hamilton Park.

October 9, 2010

Who Won?

Ok, now its your turn. Who won the debates on Monday and Tuesday nights?

On Monday, Dick Blumenthal and Linda McMahon faced off for the US Senate debate. On Tuesday night, it was Dan Malloy and Tom Foley’s turn in Hartford’s Bushnell Theatre. If you missed either one, here are the links to both, available for your viewing 24/7.

Then comment – who won? Did they influence your vote?