Board of Education Results

Below are the results of Tuesday’s Elections for Board of Education. Results are compiled from the Town Clerk’s office.

The previous Board consisted of five Republicans and four Democrats. The new board favors a firm Republican lock with a 6-3 majority. All Republicans were re-elected last week, and now return with the addition of former teacher and Town Councilwoman Roberta Leonard.

On the Democrat side, Helen Audibert decided not to seek re-election. James Pape and Tony Gugliotti left the Board to run for Council, leaving Teresa Pineau as the only incumbent seeking re-election, but she was unsuccessful. This leaves three brand new Democratic members.

Bold – winners
italics- incumbants

Board of Education
2882 – R – Cynthia Mancini
2813 – R – Roberta Leonard
2726 – R – Mary Kelly
2684 – R – Gloria Gubitosi
2643 – R – Patricia Najarian
2468 – R – Kimberly Lumia

2007 – D – Lori DelBuono
1868 – D – Kathleen Cordone
1782 – D – Tony Casagrande

1619 – D – Teresa Pineau
1546 – D – Christine Fusco-Nelson
1269 – D – Laura Cambigue


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