State Union Agreement: Some Vote “No”


courtesy: CTNewsJunkie

By Christine Stuart
CTNewsJunkie – After the legislature approved a state budget with over $2 Billion in the balance, state unions have begun voting on a new agreement to balance the state’s budget. Over the last few weeks, state union members have held closed door meetings and posted discussion on talkboards, including 201 comments on this CTMirror article and others, on whether or not to approve Gov. Malloy’s concession package.

At least one of the 34 bargaining groups and one of the locals, which is part of the larger Correction Officer’s bargaining group, voted against the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition’s tentative agreement, according to sources.

The one bargaining group to vote against the $1.6 billion concession deal was AFSCME Local 749, which includes a variety of Judicial Branch employees.

Union officials declined to confirm the votes because balloting will continue for other groups until June 24. As of Thursday afternoon, seven of the 34 bargaining groups had already voted in favor of the package, according to sources or statements on their websites.

Sources say Local 1565, a Correction Officer’s local, voted … continue reading at CTNewsJunkie.

Is the Employee Agreement Illegal? Read here

Are you a state employee? What do you think of the proposed agreement? Comment below!


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