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June 18, 2011

Are Americans Too Focused on ‘Stuff’?

Of all the statistics and studies that are hoisted upon the American public to cast a reflection of how they live, the most evil and troubling stat is 15 percent, according to Fred Sellers.

“We waste 15 percent of our money,” said Sellers, pastor of the Victory Church of Norman, OK and author of The Prophet of Vail Mountain. “We are so focused on materialism and buying as much stuff as we can, we actually wind up spending more on things like electronics and toys over the course of our lives than we do on education. But in the end, it’s just a statistic. The thing I worry about is the underlying disease behind it.”

Sellers is referring to a February 2011 study… continue reading…

June 18, 2011

Tables turned: Bank Pays In Mistaken Foreclosure Case

By Steven Beardsley 6/3/11

Naples, Fla. – Warren and Maureen Nyerges know how difficult it can be to get Bank of America’s attention.

When the lending giant mistakenly attempted to foreclose on the couple’s cash-purchased Golden Gate Estates home in 2010, they spent weeks on the phone and in court before the case was dismissed.

A judge ordered the bank to pay $2,500 in attorney fees for the couple’s troubles. Yet after five months and even more phone calls, neither the bank nor its local counsel had paid.

Friday morning, the couple opted for a different tactic. Media in tow, their attorney arrived outside a Davis Boulevard branch of the bank with deputies, a moving company and the court’s permission to seize branch assets.

“I’m either leaving the building with… continue reading