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November 15, 2011

DoD Flies Malloy to Kuwait

Christine Stuart | Nov 15, 2011 5:33pm(Updated 6 p.m.) Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is in Kuwait.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, Gov. Danell Malloy, and US Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta (contributed photo)

Yup. That’s right, Malloy flew to out of Washington D.C. on Monday evening as part of a Department of Defense program which provides state governors with the opportunity to visit deployed National Guardsmen and Reservists in the field.

The announcement released at 5:05 p.m. today came as a surprise to news media who have been inquiring as to Malloy’s whereabouts this week.

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June 30, 2011

New Taxes Take Affect Today

Local Wolcott property taxes are due on July 1st. They can be paid by mail, or online. Go to to pay these.

State Senator Joe Markley has a summary of the taxes taking affect on July 1st. Some of the income taxes are retroactive to January 1st as well. State taxes which go into affect on July 1st include:

Sales and Use Taxes:

The general sales and use tax rate increases from 6% to 6.35%; (make sure your cash register is reprogrammed!)

The room occupancy tax increases from 12% to 15%;

Renting or leasing of a car for 30 days or less increases to 9.35%;

Luxury tax of 7% for cars more than $50,000, boats more than $100,000, jewelry more than $5,000, clothing or footwear, handbag, luggage, umbrella, wallet or watch more than $1,000.

Service Taxes:
Valet parking provided at any airport;

Yoga instruction provided at a yoga studio;
Read the full list of taxes here

June 30, 2011

How Much Will Wolcott Lose in ‘Plan B’?

After last week’s union rejection of an agreement with state government, the pointing of fingers has begun. Yet, those fingers aren’t willing to plug the $1.4 to 3 Billion leak in the state budget’s dam. But what exactly will change is yet to be seen. Constitutionally, it seems that the legislature is in control of the state budget still. Even after adjourning their session on June 8th, it is that branch of government who controls the state’s purse strings. Last Friday the Governor ordered them back into session. If he could make budget cuts – or at least budget cuts to the extent necessary to balance the budget – himself, he could have done so without summoning them back to the Capitol.

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June 15, 2011

The Tax Man Is On The Way

Taxpayers won’t notice the new income tax increase immediately, but that’s because the increased withholding, which is retroactive to January won’t be taken out of their checks until Aug. 1.
As part of the two-year, $40.11 billion state budget that still has to be ratified by the state employee unions, income taxes were expanded and increased and the property tax exemption was reduced for middle income earners.
The income tax click to continue reading at CTNewsJunkie

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June 15, 2011

Poll: Voters Unhappy With Malloy

HARTFORD – Gov. Dannel Malloy’s job approval rating has dropped to 42 percent, and a majority of voters say they would not vote to re-elect him in the wake of the legislative session that saw passage of the largest tax increase in state history, according to a new survey of likely Connecticut voters conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on behalf of the Yankee Institute. Opposition to the Malloy administration initiatives is driving poor ratings for Governor Malloy. His job approval rating fell to 42%, while his re-elect rating stands as just 39%. A majority of voters – 51% – say they “probably” or “definitely” would not vote to re-elect him.

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June 8, 2011

Legislature Debates New Hospital Buildings In Closing Hours of Session

Nearly two years after Sen. Dodd attempted to bring $990 million to Connecticut to rebuild the UConn health center, the legislature began debating the subject again one day before the end of session. It was a proposal which arose earlier this session but previously was thought to be dead.

“This proposal is about creating jobs throughout the state,” said sponsor Roberta Willis D-Salisbury. “Every project we pile on impacts the budget. Our debt service is already around 11%,” countered Rep. Vincent Candelora, R-North Branford. “If our revenues don’t stand as expected, we’ll have to cancel bond projects.”

Other proposals affecting

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May 24, 2011

Town Council Nearing Final Budget Decisions

After over a month of hearings involving each town department and the Board of Education, the Town Council is holding its final deliberations on the budget at a workshop tonight at Alcott School. Mayor Thomas G. Dunn proposed a Municipal Budget which is $723,517.51 lower than last year’s. Most of this savings came from refinancing the town’s debt service to lower interest rates.

Click Gen’l Gov’t 2011-2012 Proposed Budget to view Mayor Dunn’s proposed budget

The Board of Education is

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May 2, 2011

Vote on Malloy’s Tax, Budget Expected Today in State Senate

Gov. Dannel Malloy

In case you want some light Monday morning reading, the Governor’s proposed budget can be found here: 2012-2013 Proposed Budget

Sources at the Capitol inform the Whisper that the State Senate debate on Governor Malloy’s proposed state budget will begin on Monday. The proposal includes dozens of new taxes and tax increases including those on income, sales, real estate, and many others. One tax will be missing is Malloy’s proposal to increase the state gas tax by three cents. Republicans and taxpayer groups point out that Connecticut’s gas tax has already increased by at least 7 cents in the past month. This is because Connecticut has two separate taxes on gas. One is a twenty three cent tax, and another is a 7% gross receipts tax. As the price of gas rises, this tax also rises by 7%, growing the amount payable to the state.

UPDATE: The 3 cent gas tax is eliminated, but the diesel tax will by increase 4 cents.
For a list of all of the proposed taxes, click here

Wolcott is expected to receive

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April 4, 2011

In Time For Tax Day: Mayor, Legislators Hold Budget Discussions

With just over a week before Tax Day, discussions in Town Hall tonight and tommorwo will revolve around exactly how your money will be spent at the Town and State levels. With a sluggish economy and towns tightening their belts, residents in Wolcott are anxious over whether or not their tax burden will increase or decrease. Gov. Malloy has proposed a variety of increases in taxes, including the sales tax and gas tax. A number of additional special taxes are being proposed in addition to an increase in next year’s budget by over $100 million.

Markley and Sampson will hold a Town Hall meeting tonight from 6 – 8 pm at

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March 9, 2011

Residents Spar With Malloy Over Budget

It was standing room only and then some.

In a tightly packed room meant to only hold 150 people, Waterbury area residents gathered to listen and share their thoughts with Connecticut’s newly elected Governor. The new Veterans Hall within renovated City Hall hosted Dannel Malloy’s 4th Town Hall Meeting in just over two weeks. Malloy unveiled a two year proposal to close Connecticut’s massive $3+ billion deficit with hopes for $1 B in government employee concessions and taxes on virtually everything.

People began gathering at 5 pm according to some attendees, and at 6:30 the Veterans Hall was full. On the opposite end of City Hall, a video screen was set up in Aldermanic Chambers for another 100. Rumors were that the Mayor Jarjura tried to get the forum moved

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March 7, 2011

Malloy Comes To Hear Local Feedback

Governor Malloy will be making his 4th stop on his statewide budget tour in Waterbury on Tuesday evening. Anyone from the public is welcome to attend and ask the Governor any question they want regarding his proposals for the 2011-2013 state budget.

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