Vote on Malloy’s Tax, Budget Expected Today in State Senate

Gov. Dannel Malloy

In case you want some light Monday morning reading, the Governor’s proposed budget can be found here: 2012-2013 Proposed Budget

Sources at the Capitol inform the Whisper that the State Senate debate on Governor Malloy’s proposed state budget will begin on Monday. The proposal includes dozens of new taxes and tax increases including those on income, sales, real estate, and many others. One tax will be missing is Malloy’s proposal to increase the state gas tax by three cents. Republicans and taxpayer groups point out that Connecticut’s gas tax has already increased by at least 7 cents in the past month. This is because Connecticut has two separate taxes on gas. One is a twenty three cent tax, and another is a 7% gross receipts tax. As the price of gas rises, this tax also rises by 7%, growing the amount payable to the state.

UPDATE: The 3 cent gas tax is eliminated, but the diesel tax will by increase 4 cents.
For a list of all of the proposed taxes, click here

Wolcott is expected to receive $13,539,371 under a line item called “Equalization aid grants” and an additional $104,272 in a flat educational grant. This is in addition to additional funding for specially directed line items. A “Plan B” budget plan presented by the Governor’s office two weeks ago suggested that Wolcott could lose over $5,000,000 if $2 billion in union concessions are not made. An initial request to the Governor’s office how that number was derived has not yet been returned as of Friday.

The Senate is expected to convene at 10 am, although each political party is expected to caucus into the afternoon.

Taxpayer groups, Tea Party activists and others are encouraging citizens to contact Democratic legislators to vote against the Governor’s budget proposals. House and Senate Republicans are solidly against the bill. If they are successful in defeating it, another budget can be introduced instead. Republicans proposed an alternative budget which has no tax increases at all. Moderate Democrats last week became upset with the proposed 3 cent gas increase which is why it was removed from tomorrow’s vote. Still other alternative budgets can be introduced as well. The General Assembly has a deadline of June 8th to adopt a budget.

State Senators who are expected to be on the fence on the bill are listed below. Republicans have 14 Senators, and Democrats 22. If five Democrats join Republicans, the Governor’s proposal will be defeated. Sen. Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury) and Ed Meyer (D-Guilford) already are expected to vote against it. If so, only three more Democratic votes are needed. Senate Democrats can be contacted here:

Senate Democrats: (860) 240-8600

House Democrats: (860) 240-8500

State Senators Joe Crisco, Paul Duff and Bob Duff may be wavering.

Continue reading more about the state budget and its various taxes at

Extra: Even With Huge Deficit, Spending Continues on New Ideas

Governor’s Proposed Budget:
Republican Budget Plan:


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