Fire Dept. Starts Saturday Dinners Tonight

Have you eaten yet?
How does italian ziti sound on this beautiful spring afternoon with meatballs, bread and a cake for desert?

Meet your neighbors tonight at Company #2’s annual Ziti Dinner on North St. until 7 pm. The food is great and goes towards protecting your neighbors.

In the upcoming week, the other two fire companies will have their Roast Beef fundraisers. Company #1 on Central Ave. (Hitchcock Lake) will host residents on Saturday evening, and Company 3 will cook up their famous roast beef and potatoes on Sunday (May 15) on Lyman Rd.

Its a great night to meet your neighbors and enjoy the spring air. And if you’ve thought about helping out the fire department, make sure you speak up!


One Comment to “Fire Dept. Starts Saturday Dinners Tonight”

  1. I love the Roast Beef at company one. They give a great meal to eat there or take home. This is a good chance to support and eat well.

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