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January 5, 2011

Chief O’Leary Resigns

After serving for nearly a year and a half, Police Chief Neil O’Leary announced his resignation Tuesday. The resignation occurs only a week after four new police recruits and an Assistant Police Chief were sworn in to the department. Those actions capped O’Leary’s brief, though productive mission to restore respect and professionalism to a department which was beleaguered with nepotism and internal strife just two years ago. Among other steps he took was a reorganization of the department’s command structure, the completion of a standards manual and other steps which have improved morale.

Long considered as a possible candidate for the Mayor of Waterbury, O’Leary’s announcement is timely as municipal elections will be held ten months from now. He currently serves on the Board of Education and is well respected throughout the Watebury area after making improvements to Waterbury’s Police Activities League. A swimming area in Wolcott will be incorporated within that program in the future.

The resignation is effective on January 29th.