Storm Produces “Bumpiest Ride Ever”

At 6 am this morning, contractors started getting out to work. Wolcott is home to an army of plow contractors that often start working around 4 am clearing business lots. As home to many emergency and healthcare workers, and with its short commute to Connecticut’s major cities, Wolcott works early, even in snowstorms. At the same time, caution also needs to be urged with our hilly town. About 10 inches of snow fell overnight. That’s typical where Wolcott almost always receives the highest predicted snowfalls statewide. This includes the 2 inches that fell yesterday.

Last night, at 7 pm County Rd. was passable though slippery in spots. The highways last night were also reasonably good during the falling snow. Roads were wet with minor snow sticking to the center of the lane and along the hash marks. One can only guess how wide a road will be cleared during and after a snowstorm before going out. If you absolutely have to go out, you know that how wide a road is plowed is important so that you have have a margin of safety in case you -or the vehicle in front of you slides or spin out and avoid other vehicles, especially traffic in the oncoming lane. And don’t rely on your vehicle’s speciications and repuations. In an earlier storm, I saw Jeep Wranglers overpowering themselves and sliding everywhere on I-691. The best advice of course is to not risk it and stay in.

If you do encounter a smaller car (like this author’s Honda Accord), be sure to give them some extra space. This author only left home to get to work as an EMT. If they’re experienced New England drivers, they’ll get through it, but they don’t want to endanger you or themselves by getting into a snowbank or making abrupt maneuvers. Just give them a little extra room.

At 6 am, Wolcott Rd. to the Waterbury line was passable with some some limited clearances down the middle of lane. Cars should make sure their grills and headlights are cleared off. One car was embedded in a snowbank in front of Sampson Tool factory just after state DOT workers drove past it. Its unknown how that vehicle ended up there.

Rt. 69 in Waterbury and Wolcott St. were pristinely packed snow. The road so well done you could have played a football game in it. No traffic either. Moving downtown, the road was very passable.

I- 84: “Bumpiest Ride Ever!”
Despite a truck ban proclaimed by Gov. Malloy last night, a double line of tractor trailers slowly moved behind a convoy of snow plows from the New York border into Waterbury this morning. The highway through the city of Waterbury was again clear with packed snow. Getting out of the city, however was more hazardous.

Emergency crews reported an accident on Rt. 8 overnight at some point, but that was cleared by 6 am this morning. Once you tried heading west of Waterbury, boy did you have a ride in store. A DOT supervisor positioned himself at exit 17 before journeying west. Westbound 84 was open with one lane on the far left side, where the highway banks towards the same side. Granulated snowpack was in the middle and right side of the highway, which made it passable though bumpy. For this author, it was no smoother than a backcountry gravel logging route.

Traffic was light on the westbound side. The eastbound is a different story. By 7:26, however traffic appears to be moving well in both directions.

For Wolcott residents, there is a parking ban on all streets until further notice. All residents are reminded to shovel out any fire hydrants near your property. Most hydrants have red and white flags attached, so be sure they can be even more visible.

Wolcott’s fire department has been particularly busy this month with a handful of structure fires. Be sure to be prepared in case you or a neighbor needs them.


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