Storm Notes

No School Today (but you didn’t have to turn on the TV to know that)

“The roads are tight right now. We had alot of snow and it was blinding at times through out the night. When the sun hits it and the plows get a chance to dig at it, the roads will clear up,” says Mayor Thomas G. Dunn this morning at 7 am.

About 12 inches of snow at the base of Brookdale St. this morning; 10 of it after 9 pm last night. How much at your house?

A Parking Ban exists townwide on all streets until further notice. Find a driveway or space off the street.

Fire hydrants should be cleared out as soon as possible.

Please do not throw, plow, or otherwise push snow into the street. streaks of snow harden, causing hazards for traffic when it freezes and re-freezes. If you put it there, clean it up.

Non-essential state employees report in at noon today, per. Governor.

Give plows time to clear the streets. The sun will help today. Wear sunglasses. Its going to be bright.

Accessways for emergency personnel should be at minimum 2-1/2 feet wide. Don’t forget, you never know if you might need to call for help, or even for a neighbor for assistance even at your residence.

Ease out slowly at intersections. If you are on a main road, even Rt. 69 and Woodtick Rd, go slow to minimize the chance of an accident at intersections. DRIVE DEFENSIVELY!

If anyone needs fuel or heating assistance, contact Darlene Tynan in the Mayor’s office at 879-8100.


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