Rell’s Out: Who Wants To Be Govenor?

On November 9, 2009 Governor Rell announced that she will not be running for Governor.

What might interest you is that unlike many past elections, there are plenty of interested citizens running for a variety of offices. In past years, there was usually only two choices for these two offices, yet to date there are 13 for both.

It should be noted that it is still early in the game, however and many more may jump in the race. Yet, there’s an irony in the way politics selects candidates. Unless you are registered as a Republican or Democrat, you may still get only two choices in November. The game for choosing your next Senator in Washington and Governor of Connecticut starts with your local parties, state political conventions, and probably a primary in August.

Below I have outlined who I know of is running for Governor. Where possible I have included links to their campaign websites. Please add any comments below.

Mark Boughton – The Danbury News-Times says he has made a decision on whether he will run or not, and will announce his decision at the y. Boughton is beginning his 10th two-year term as the mayor of Danbury. Boughton has a very active Facebook page with updates from his blackberry on fires, meetings and events throughout the day. He will be ma

Mike Fidele – Fidele has served as Lt. Governor under Gov. Rell. He recently completed a 169 tour of the state and has been said to be a successful business owner and first generation Italian-American.

Tom Foley – In 2002 and 2003, Foley worked in Iraq to prepare its economy to become more dependent on its private sector and previously served as an ambassador to Ireland. He is a businessman and has also served on a Governor’s Commisson on Divorce, Custody and Children as well as the Governor’s Commission on Education Finance. Foley previously was running for US Senate but switched races in December.

Mark Lauretti – Mayor of Shelton, he more than doubled the number of jobs in town from 12,000 to 25,000 in his 9 year reign as mayor. Shelton’s location helps Lauretti in being central to Waterbury, New Haven and Bridgeport.

James Amann – former Speaker of the House of representatives in Connecticut, Amann is knowledgeable about state budgets, yet this may haunt him as we are presently working under a state budget he passed before retiring last year.

Mary Glassman – Is currently the First Selectwoman of Simsbury, but is familiar with statewide politics as she was the running mate for both Dan Malloy and John Destefano in their bids for Governor in 2006. She has experience in the State House and Senate serving as legal advisor to the leaders of both chambers in the past.

Gary Lebeau – A state senator from East Hartford, Lebeau is a retired school teacher who believes that “there is only one direction in which our economy can head. It is that of a high value added, highly technological, highly educated economy that sells new poducts and services to the world.”

Dan Malloy – If you recall 4 years ago Malloy ended up in a primary with New Haven Mayor John DeStefano. DeStefano was only able to win 7 cities in Connecticut (Hartford, Bloomfield, Bridgeport, New Haven, New Britain, New London and UConn-Mansfield) to Gov. Rell. Malloy is viewed as more moderate than DeStefano and just recently completed a 14 year reign as Mayor of Stamford.

Rudy Marconi – Is currently the First Selectman of Ridgefield and is emphasizing the impacts – or lack thereof that Hartford politicians have had on cities and towns. He notes that state government has been wasteful “Borrowing to spend on non-essential projects while important programs are underfunded”), has had the wrong priorities (transportation projects that are “all study and no action”) and have no direction (“School initiatives that focus on buildings more than education”).

Susan Bysiewicz – Currently the Secretary of State, Byiseiwicz is the person you may remember from commercials about how to vote on th new machine ballots. She has also recently garnered the endorsement of the Wolcott Democratic Town Committee. On January 12, Bysiewicz decided to exit the Governor’s race to run for Attorney General instead.

Click HERE for 2010 US Senate Candidates

References:”>Mark Boughton


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