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  1. (Regarding the very sad and unfortunate death of young Connecticut ATV rider, Christopher Bard, yesterday Sunday 04-22-12). I don’t know any of the people involved in this incident. I do know that sometimes good people make bad decisions. This happens for a variety of reasons. My best guess in this case would probably be: A lack of knowledge or understanding about this particular activity, lack of safety and environmental etiquette training, frustration of having no place to ride. It’s human nature to place blame and hold someone accountable after a tragedy, but who should that be in this case? Well, the deceased himself as well as Mr. Markevey who is an easy target having been directly involved, but could there be more to this story? Is this really just a simple case of one or two responsible people that everyone appears to be pointing their finger at as they cast stones, or could this be much more involved? In my opinion, I doubt that Mr. Ronald Markevey woke up yesterday morning with any ill intent of causing injury or death to his nephew, Christopher Bard. To the contrary, he was likely just out to enjoy some family oriented motorized off road recreation, although misguided. Christopher Bard was obviously just out for fun and exercise too. Here’s some additional information for the record that maybe everyone is not aware of. There are no legal state sanctioned places to ride an ATV on any state owned or state maintained land nor on any federal property in the state of Connecticut. Connecticut does have a law on the books for the past 26 years (since 1986) which is: Connecticut General Statute 23-26c, that says the state shall evaluate and provide ATV riding areas. There is funding for this project through the federal motor fuel tax rebate system that provides Connecticut with money for recreational purposes. At least as far back as 2004, various ATV related riders and clubs got frustrated with having Zero legal riding areas after 18 years at that time and offered to volunteer to construct and/or maintain existing trails in Connecticut to be designated for either multi-use or specific off road motorized use. Connecticut Trail Users (C.T.U.) was formed through volunteers for awhile as a (P.A.C.) Political Action Committee to address this need. The hope was to get the State of Connecticut to do the right thing which would in turn promote peer pressure among riders to also do the right thing too. They hired Malloy & Associates lobbying firm a few years later around 2006 to get the message out to the Connecticut Legislature in part that unless something was done, people were going to get injured or killed as a result. We all know or should know by now that people have gotten injured and killed riding ATV’s in Connecticut, in part as a result of no state sanctioned regulated places to ride. The requests had been to sanction at least 3 sanctioned motorized off road riding areas, one East, one Central and one West to accommodate ATV riders throughout the state. They also suggested an ATV rider safety course (similar to what the state already does for Personal watercraft) and additionally, environmental etiquette education. This was presented to both the state Environmental and Transportation Committees in addition to others various State Representatives and Legislators with various proposed Bills over the years, to no avail. The state has a track record of burying their head in the sand, occasionally addressing the symptoms but never the cause. The State of Connecticut has done nothing in an effort to prevent future ATV injuries or deaths by meeting their obligation to abide by their own State Statute 23-26c. The state has actually increased the likelihood of injury or death to young inexperienced ATV riders when these kids perceive being chased and therefore increase their speed to avoid law enforcement aircraft and ground units. C.T.U. eventually dissolved and the effort was picked up by N.E.T.R.A. (New England Trail Riders Association) with the current Government Relations firm of TCORS headed by Mr. Alan Deckman (860) 541-6438. I can’t help but think that Christopher Bard may still be with us today if he and his uncle had been provided with the opportunity of riding their ATV’s at a much safer state sanctioned and regulated ATV area that would have required the criteria of a rider safety course. The State of Connecticut is #1 on my blame list for this tragedy and I hope they are held legally and civilly responsible and accountable. Allen Gerard / Connecticut resident.

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