Whisper Moving

Relax, we haven’t been bought out, and we’re certainly not moving to another town. (even if beachfront sounded enticing…). Yet, for simplicity’s sake and smarter marketing, we decided to move to a new web address. Our new website looks almost the same as this one. The main difference will be that the ‘wordpress’ tag will be dropped. You may find some subtle differences, but for the most part it will be the same site. Here is the direct link: www.wolcottwhisper.com.

This site will still exist, but will not be updated.

Many of you reach us through a search engine like Google or Yahoo, so maybe you didn’t notice the WordPress ‘tag’ in our web address. WordPress has been very good to the start of the Whisper and in getting us off the ground. For you tech savvy readers, I highly recomend WordPress and its free platform to publish a website of your choice. In fact, if you have a website based in or near Wolcott, let us know and we’ll happily add you to our blogroll.

If you subscribed to our daily updates, your e-mail will eventually be transferred to the new site so you won’t miss the latest news. We’re still testing this feature on the new site, so please bear with us. The entire transition will be competed over this weekend.

Special thanks to Doug Hardy and Lon Seidman for the technical expertise to make this transition possible.


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