Republicans Sweep Council, Dunn Re Elected

Republicans appear to have swept the Town Council and Board of Education, according to pre-liminary numbers.

Mayor Thomas G. Dunn won re-election handily.

There appears to be some close races yet to be decided amongst the minority party seats for Town Council, particularly in District 1 between David Gentile and Charles Marsella.

Numbers can be viewed on Comcast Channel 96.
Dunn’s headquarters is at the VFW and we will bring updates from there soon.


2 Comments to “Republicans Sweep Council, Dunn Re Elected”

  1. Rather Disappointing BOE Results, we lost a good member of the board, and sadly a majority is still in place that needs to end.

    Glad however to see Kathy Cordone get on. From the beginning back when Maccary was given the Superintendents Job I have supported her, and am glad that she will hopefully bring the needed change the board must have.

  2. Very disappointing election results. Shame on all registered voters who chose not to exercise their right to vote. A very small % of Wolcott voters actually did so. How lazy and uncaring can one be about how their own town is governed. Do not complain if and when you are not pleased with how the town is running because you lost that privilege when you didn’t vote.

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