Polls – Republicans: 0 Democrats: 0

As of 10:30 am, turnout has been ‘pretty good’ says one moderator at the polls today. Yet, despite 465 people voting at the High School at 9:30 and another 461 at Wakelee School by 10:10, the results have yet to be tabulated. “Every ballot is in a locked box. Nothing’s been counted.” says another observer.

Indeed, the votes won’t be counted until after 8:00 pm tonight.

The fate of Wolcott hangs in the balance. Taxes, education, snow plowing, garbage collection, crime issues. All these issues and more will be in the hands of the local leaders we elect today.

Have you been counted yet? Make sure you get out and vote!

Did you know that if 60% of registered voters vote, Tom Dunn’s campaign, the Republican Party AND Democratic Party will donate $200 to the Senior Center and the Youth Center? Forget bipartisianship. We have a tri-partisianship solution!


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