Republican Town Council Candidates

Currently, there are three Republican members on the Town Council, all seeking re-election. Gale Mastrofrancesco was originally elected as a petitioning candidate in 2009 and has switched parties. Rachel Wisler replaced Randy Petroniro who was also elected on Row C two years ago.

Voters can elect two candidates from each voting district

Jeff Slavin

1st District

Jeff Slavin
What prompted you to run for office? I was approached by former councilman Tony Marino who I have known for almost 20 years though coaching at the BAW. Both of our sons played sports together. After the initial discussion I had with Tony, I then discussed it with my wife and we decided that it was yet another way we (my family and specifically I), could give back to the community that has been so good to my family, with education sports and personal friendships.

Is there something you want changed or continued in town? I want to commit to the tax payers of Wolcott that I will do my part to fiscally manage the town’s resources as though they were my own. Looking forward to bring a team philosophy between Mayor Tom Dunn, the council and the tax payers of Wolcott as we work to resolve problems, make improvements when necessary or sensible and keep Wolcott the BEST Little Town in the US.

What skills or talents do you have that suit you as an ideal candidate?
My strong commitment to Teamwork, Fairness, proactive leadership, keeping a high energy level will help the town of Wolcott in my role as a councilman because, have helped my successful career at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services for over 30 years!! Additionally, I feel these traits have helped me to be a respected and successful coach at the BAW where coached ALL levels for over 15 years.

Are there any particular issues or a focus you will be particularly passionate about?
I REALLY believe that with each election whether it be a town, city, state or National election , we OWE our veterans a 100% turn out at the polls. I personally don’t care if they vote Republican, Democrat, Unaffiliated, or write themselves in as a candidate, or if they don’t like anyone who is running. I believe we owe them the turn out if for nothing else, as a THANK YOU for their service in defending the very right we have to vote. I think we owe our Veterans that much. So I would ask that Wolcott set the example that all towns can follow and have a 100% turn out not only for this election but EVERY election!

Tell us something about your personality. For example, is there a hobby or interest you have?
Baseball and watching the New York Mets, fantasy football leagues.

Dave Valletta

Dave Valletta
51 yrs old
I’m a 4 term incumbent to town council.

Why are you running for re-eleciton?
I’m running again to continue to do the good work that we have been doing for the last 8 yrs. I am able to work with others and am not afraid to get my hands dirty.

What kind of hobbies or interests do you have?
I listen to music in my spare time and collect baseball cards and memorabilia

3rd District

Roger Picard

Roger Picard
What prompted you to run for office?
I want to continue serving the citizens of Wolcott. After serving the town as a full time police officer for 25 years, I still have the desire to be involved and look out for the interests of our citizens. As a councilman I can continue to do that

What skills or talents do you have that make you an ideal candidate?
I have very good communication skills and I am a good listener. I enjoy working with people and have always had a strong desire for community service.

Are there any particular issues or a focus you will be particularly passionate about?
I would like to focus on a conservative and common sense approach as it pertains to budget preparation and services for our town. I would also like to see more development and uses for our new youth center, and getting high school age students more involved in program development and becoming positive role models.

Tell us something about your personality. For example, a hobby or interest.
I am an avid photographer and enjoy capturing images around town that depicts life and activities in our town. I enjoy being around people regardless of the age group and listening to their personal stories of what they have accomplished or hope to accomplish.

All photographs, courtesy of Photography by Picard


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