Republican Candidates for Board of Assessment Appeals

The Board of Assessment Appeals is responsible for hearing challenges to the town’s assessment of personal property. A new revaluation is expected in the next two years which often increases this Board’s responsibilities. Below you will find the profiles of the Republican candidates seeking the office. Voters may select any two of the five candidates seeking the office.

June Vitiello
Age: 56

June Vitiello

1. What prompted you to run for office? Challengers: Is there something you want changed or continued?
I am at the point in my career and life that affords me the time to give something back to the community, so I’m running for the Board of Assessment Appeals. Being elected to the BofAA will give me a chance to get involved in our town government, while at the same time help property owners with the assessment appeals process.

2. What skills or talents do you have that suit you as an ideal candidate?
I have 40 years of professional business experience working in banking, manufacturing, insurance, electric utility, and three high tech computer companies. I am presently working as Global Sales Operations for Cloud Computing at IBM. Other positions I’ve held: Sales and Sales Management, Computer Programmer, Executive Assistant in Corporate Headquarters, Mortgage Servicing, and Human Resources. Having strong business management and problem solving skills provides a good background for managing our town.

3. Are there any particular issues or a focus you will be particularly passionate about?
I love Wolcott… serving on the Board of Assessment Appeals will let me work for Wolcott in a small way. At the State and National level, I am passionate about getting conservatives elected for office, and holding them accountable to us. I only recently became interested in politics and I am vigilant of local, state, and national events

4. Tell us something about your personality that distinguishes you. For exam0ple, is there a hobby or interest you have?
I enjoy political activism. For hobbies, I love traveling, scuba diving, gardening and reading.

Adam Glasser

Adam Glasser

Why are you running for Board of Assessment Appeals?
As a current member of the Board of Assessment Appeals, I already understand how the rate tables work. They are applied across all town properties. The question we deal with is whether or not the assessor has the right information to be taxed on a property card. It usually pretty simple. How many bedrooms do you have- two or three? The actual rate you are charged isn’t up to the BAA, but the Town Council who sets the tax rate.

What skills and experience will assist you in this position?
I want to maintain the same level of integrity and fairness we’ve had over the past two years. Everyone has a right to question their assessment and we give them that.

Are there any hobbies or interests you have?
I have a BA in aerospace engineering and MA in mechanical engineering and assist with the robot club at Wolcott School.

All photos are courtesy of Photography by Picard


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