Row C – Town Council Candidates

The Whisper asked Town Council candidates about why they are running for office. Below are the candidates on Row C, and their responses. We thank each candidate for their response.

When voting for Town Council, there will be six candidates running from each of Wolcott’s three voting districts. You may vote for any two, no matter which column they appear within the district.

District 1
Michael Bokon

Age: 47, retired corrections officer
My belief:Is to take care of our seniors by keeping our taxes low so they can enjoy retirement and not worry about tax increases when they very seldom get a pay raises themselves.

Adam Hadir

1)Why are you running for office?

I want a voice small business after making major investment in town.

2) What would you like to change?

The same old Wolcott career politicians. We need a better working economic development system in place to enhance new business to start up and create jobs for Wolcott residents. Starting a non profit organization to provide heat to the needy and senior citizens.

3) If eleceted, what skills will assist you in your position?

I am currently a small businessman (owner of Liquor Superstore). Real Estate broker to keep the upcoming revaluation in check and allow it to be an open and fair process.

4) What makes you the best candidate?

No one on the council owns a small business in town and this sector needs a strong voice and solid representation. The Town council should consist of a blend of people who represent the makeup of the town. Shouldn’t a Wolcott businessman have a seat on the council? I see almost 100 residents a day and try to talk to them all. I hear what they want and need and intend to implement their wishes.

5) Is there a key issue or focus you will be passionate about?

Let’s begin by lobbying Hartford to offer low cost loans and grants to start-up businesses in the Town of Wolcott. In my own experience, I could have started my business two miles down the road and gotten low cost loans and even a non-repayment grant through WDC agency in Waterbury. Wolcott offered nothing. How do we expect to grow business and keep homeowner taxes in check if we don’t develop business? It is time to begin the process of incentives and I will be the candidate to make that happen.

6) Tell us one thing that distinguishes you.

I have a low key personality, am soft spoken but have a strong passion for doing whats right and make things happen, don’t wait for them to happen.

District 2
Joe Membrino

1) Why are you running for office?
To apply the government knowledge I gained in my capacity as Commissioner of Zoning Boards of Appeals, in an more benefical way to the Town of Wolcott.

2) What would you like to change?
The same old Wolcott career politicians. First, I would open up the process rather than conducting business over the internet as my opponent Santagotta did. Second, There should be no secret meetings like the council conducted over the police consultant contract. Third, I would not waste money to buy councilman I-Pads with tax payers money. This is ridiculous, especially when our great town employees gave up their raises, only to have those career politicians spent it in that way.

3) What skills do you have to serve?
I am a small businessman running a successful business in town, Membrino Electric. I’ll apply this experience and the governmental experience to offer a great blend to the town council.

4) What makes you the best candidate?
Stand up for what is right for the taxpayers. On the Zoning board of appeals, I tried my best to uphold the zoning laws in order to protect the values of homes in Wolcott and continue the quality of life experience we expect.

5)If elected, what will be your primary focus?
Have consistency in government, and make sure all people are treated equally. After reading about town council issues like wetlands commissioners intruding on wetlands without permits, reveals a feeling of doing what they want, when they want. The current town council took no action on a case like this. NO ACTION. Is that fair?

6) What is something that distinguishes you from other candidates?
I’ll never forget who put me there and what my place is. Under promise and over deliver.

District 3
Alan Dugan
1)Why are you running for office?

While owning a business in town for over 17 years, I have seen new development become flat. We must begin to sell the good about our town and that isn’t happening.

2)What would you like to change?
The same old career politicians. Same old views, same old process. I believe in term limits for public servants.

3)What skills will benefit you if elected?
In my businesses, I have survived both good times and bad and adjusted my spending accordingly, without raising prices. I believe that’s what local government must do- reduce spending rather than raise taxes. My past business experience will offer Wolcott taxpayers a person that represent a majority of our residents – people who grind everyday in order to make ends meet.

4) What makes you the best candidate?Owning a restaurant in Wolcott and one in Thomaston, I see the difference in how local government treats this sector. I serve middle class families and listen to their concerns daily. They need help and tax relief. With a revaluation year coming, the town council must hire a firm that will bring a understandable and open process not like they did 5 years ago.

5) If elected, will you have a specific issue or focus?
Business growth development keeps homeowners taxes in check, creates jobs and enhances homeowners’ property values. More and more we see business either move or close in town. What does this say about the future of Wolcott? I will pro-act rather than re-act.

6) What is something that distinguishes you?
Always a man of my word. Do what I say I will do and know what my limitations are.


2 Responses to “Row C – Town Council Candidates”

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Republicans could find a viable candidate of their own to run instead of supporting an independent such as Mayor Dunn.


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