Who Takes Tax Collection Credit?

Debates from 2009’s municipal election are still being made this year, as Assistant Tax Collector Michelle Brundage took issue with a quote in the Repubilcan – American several weeks ago. At Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting, Brundage read a statement questioning how 3rd District Councilwoman Gale Mastrofrancesco could take credit for collecting $840,000 in back taxes in the last two years.

“Gale Mastrofranscesco has no authority of collecting back taxes,” she clarified. Brundage is the town’s back tax collector and stated that the credit should reside with the tax office. “She had nothing to do with back tax collections and should not be campaigning that she had.”

After the meeting, Mastrofransco acknowledged Brundages role. “That’s her job. Yet, we forcused on it two years ago, putting pressure on during the campaign. Then the money was collected. Why wasn’t it collected over the past 17 years? $1.7 million was sitting on the tax roles.”

During the 2009 campaign, Vanessa Malena lost to Lorraine McQueen in a race for tax collector that focused on back taxes. Several other candidates, including Mastrofrancesco, ran a concerted campaign on the Row C line on the same issue.


3 Comments to “Who Takes Tax Collection Credit?”

  1. It’s politics as usual. In 2009 they had to campaign on something negative because they didn’t have anything positive of their own . Today they are doing the same. Looking for negatives and twisting it to suit themselves. That is why my husband separated himself from them last election when running for town council. It’s why my husband is running for Mayor this year too. He was never politically involved yet, when he saw what was going on in our local government he knew he had to try and change it.We need our town back!

  2. Isn’t nice to know our tax collector has someone working behind the scenes for her. (ha,ha,ha)

  3. Gail this silly statement really diminishes your reputation. I strongly suggest that you take credit for work that you have actually done.

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