Perrone Challenges Voters

Second District Councilman Michael Perrone isn’t only running against five other candidates for re-election this year. He’s upping the stakes by challenging voters. “If we can get 60% of voters interested in this year’s election – and vote – both political parties and Mayor Dunn’s campaign have pledged to give money to our seniors and children.” Perrone has no stake in whether or not voters reach that 60% threshold, and he says it would be great to have that kind of interest in who is elected this year.

Wolcott usually gets over three quarters of its voters to the polls in Presidential years – 76% in 2000, 82% in 2004, and 78% in 2008; however struggles in municipal elections.

Here are the turnout numbers in the past decade:

2009 – 46.70%
2007 – unavailable
2005 – 40.10%
2003 – 63.20%
2001 – 59.50%

source: CT Secretary of State

It should be noted that 2003 was included a three-way contest for mayor. 2001 included a matchup between former Mayor Michael DeNegris and former Police Chief James Watson. If mayoral elections help draw voters to the polls, Tom Dunn had no opponent in 2005 and a write- in challenger in 2007. In 2009, with a two way mayoral race, as well as more candidates on the ballot than ever before adding excitement on Row C, only a paltry 47% of town voters made it to the polls.

Republican Town Council candidate Jeff Slavin agrees with Perrone’s goal but adds that “soldiers fought for this right. It can be taken away, and its up to us to at least do a little research and honor our veterans by voting.” He wishes there would be 100% participation in voting. Many towns around Connecticut, such as Roxbury and others often post 96-98% voter turnout rates in some elections.

If you haven’t yet registered to vote, you have until noon on Monday to do so at Town Hall.


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