Did You Get the Code Red?

Wolcott, Waterbury, and many other towns relied upon new technology to keep everyone informed of town assistance during the storm this past week. The Code Red , which is a reverse 911 service is a feature that dials residents if an emergency exists that town officials want to notify residents about. Wolcott used its warning system to inform residents about the warming center opening and showers being available.

Councilman Michael Bokon pointed out, however, that some residents lost their phone service in the storm. “Even Comcast customers lost their phone service if their cable went out,” he noted. Those customers phone lines go over the same broadcast lines as cable wires. In addition, many cellular tower sites failed, leaving some customers with delays in receving messages.

“Can you chance the number listed in the system?” he asked Mayor Dunn at Tuesday’s Council meeting. Indeed you can. “You can go to the website and enter 5 ways to contact you if you want to,” explained Mayor Thomas Dunn. The point of the system is to reach a resident anyway possible. Dunn suggested entering a work number in case an emergency occurred during the day, as well as any other numbers someone might have.

The advice is sound, as an emergency could occur anywhere. The lnk


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