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November 3, 2011

Tipping Habits – Have Yours Changed With The Economy?

Jenn Strathman, Consumer Advocate

Jenn Strathman, Consumer Advocate

Tipping. A rather subjective topic that reveals a lot about how you value money. Gratuity is usually discussed at the end of the year as the experts say you should give a little extra to those who serve you like your paper boy or hairdresser. However, I feel the need to talk about it now because of a recent experience at a hotel and a survey by Bankrate on how tipping has changed with the economy.

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November 3, 2011

Website Connects Storm Cleanup Services With Customers

A new website called is giving East Coast residents the ability to quickly name their price and connect with cleanup services after Hurricane Irene. Contractors can also list their information to link up with those needing your services. Anyone who needs tree and cut up work, can place their request

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November 3, 2011

Fire, CO Dangers High With Restoration

Over 180 Connecticut residents were treated for Carbon Monoxide poisoning statewide as of Wednesday night, Governor Malloy told a press conference. As residents increasingly are using generators, and some ventilation systems fail, emergency responders are being summoned to prevent death from a quiet winter killer.

Symptoms of Carbon monoxide are vague and mimic the flu. They often include headache and nausea. Extreme cases can include disorientation and lethargy as carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in a victim’s blood circulatory system. The brain and other organs cannot use carbon monoxide, starve, then slowly die. Fresh air and emergency treatment are imparative for anyone suffereing these symptoms.

As electricity is restored to neighborhoods,

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November 3, 2011

Governor Encourages Volunteersm

During his daily 6 pm news conference Wednesday night, Governor Malloy issues a call for volunteers to assist others during the storm recovery. “Doctors and nurses should contact the Red Cross or local shelters to render what assistance you could. Your skills will be greatly apprecaiated,” he said.

Malloy also point out how impressed he was with those average citizens who have already stepped up to the plate. ” Some who are having power turned back on are immediately stepping forward to help at shelters and warming stations. Even some without power are helping out. I’m very proud of the citizens of this state.”

In Torrington, the senior center was divided in half where some residents needed minor assistance in care, but certainly didn’t need to be hospitalized. A list of warming centers can be found at

November 3, 2011

Municipal Utilities Fare Better After Storms

CT Mirror
By Jan Ellen Speigel

Lost in the storm over storm response by the state’s two major utilities is the fact that about a half-dozen communities are at least partially served by neither. They are served by municipal electric utilities, which for the most part has meant fewer outages and faster restoration when the power did go out during this storm and tropical storm Irene two months ago.

“The situation is there is no situation,” said Mike Hughes, communications manager for Norwich Public Utilities, at 107 years old, among the youngest of the municipal electric utilities in the state. At the peak, he said, 450 of their 22,000 customers lost power. “And they weren’t out for more than an hour.”

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