Progress Being Made, Wolcott Provides for Area

“Happiness is when you can run warm water over your hands for minutes on end,” remarked an elderly woman staying at Wolcott’s storm shelter at the Senior Center Tuesday morning. Indeed. A dozen residents left the shelter Monday evening when they found out power was restored to the Woodtick and Wolf Hill Rd. neighborhoods that night. Some opted to stay at the shelter to allow their residences a chance to warm up over night first however.

The Shelter was full Monday night for dinner as workers from La Fortuna restaraunt volunteered to cook hamburgers and homefries. “People have been really good – donating eggs and offering food. We keep getting phone calls all day from residents wanting to help out,” says Senior Center director Donna Belval. About 15 residents were in the center just before noon Tuesday, but families have been coming and going to warm up and then head back outside.

About 25 residents stayed overnight on Sunday, and about 15 on Monday night. Michael and Anne Santagotta dropped off bedding supplies Monday night for people staying there.

Tyrrell School principal Arlene Tansley says that about 50 residents took advantage of showers being offered at the school Tuesday morning. “We have custodial staff working on cleaning them all the time to make sure everything is fresh and ready when people come by. Everyone’s been o grateful for them.” There was a rush to use them early Tuesday before residents went to work. The facility will be open from 7a m – 10 pm.

Roads Opened
All of Wolcott’s major roads are now open, with only three still blocked this morning. Those streets are as follows:

Lindsley Dr.
Midwood Rd.
Meadowlake Rd.

“All of those should be cleared by the end of the day,” says police Captain Domenic Angelillo. We should note that while streets may be passable, wires, trees, and debris may still pose hazards for motorists. Some lanes are still blocked around town. Even Woodtick Rd. has some branches partially in the road between Catering Rd. and Lindsley Dr.

Power Restoration
Wolcott has 78% of town with power restored. Many streets in the Hitchcock Lake area and North End are still without power. Its possible that the North End could be tied into the electrical grid serving Bristol, so at this point it is unknown at what point that area of town will be restored. Businesses in that area are without power.

Generators and Gas – Wolcott Has it!
Raymond’s Lumber is receving 31 generators this afternoon, according to Ray Fontaine at the store. “We don’t have any wood, but we have bio bricks and pellets that burn well.” The store only had 3 gasoline canisters left. “The entire shelf ran out”.

Northwestern Connecticut residents are coming to Wolcott because our power situation is very good in comparison. Cumberland Farms on Wolcott Rd. ran out of gas at 7 pm last night and had a delivery this morning. Max’s Gulf had lines up the street last night as well until they ran out at 9:15. They were expecting to receive a shipment at 6 am this morning, but it hadn’t arrived by noon.

Cumberland Farms store manager Wes Osbourn says that other provisions may be delayed a day because of a power outage at a distribution warehouse. On Tuesday, the store was stocked up on ice and milk, but was almost out of bread supplies, and low on soda. Grab- and- go sandwiches were nearly gone as well. Tempers have peaked at times in the gas lines at Cumberland, which at times have been as far up Rt. 69 as the Dunkin Donut plaza, causing bottlenecks at the Longmeadow Dr. intersection. A survey of motorists shows almost half coming from Bristol and Terryville. “There was one station open in Thomaston, but the line was back up all the way onto Rt. 8,” sas Phil Marquis of Winsted.

Terry Lopez of Bristol was even more desparate coming into town. “I have no power, no wood, and all the stores are closed. I’ve been looking all over. I have three kids at home in a cold house and don’t know what to do” he said while waiting in line for gas. A passerby offered him fire wood for his wood stove which he gratefully took home.

Five Guys Flippin’ Pies is usually closed on Tuesdays, but worker Dave McNerney said the restaurant will open from 4- 8 Tuesday. “If people want a place to hang out, we’ll be open,” he tells the Whisper. “We’ve had more sit down business in the last few days than in the last 5 years” as people have come into town from Terryville, watertown, waterbury and Bristol.

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  1. is there school tomorrow?

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