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November 1, 2011

Power Restored to North End

At about 10:15 pm tonight, power has been restored to much of the North End of Wolcott.

For those without power restored, be sure to make sure appliances such as stoves and toaster ovens are not on. If power comes on when the home is unnoccupied, a fire could start. Also, Carbon Monoxide calls have been received all over the state and have resulted in 2 deaths thus far. Be sure that generators are properly ventilated, preferably outside. In one instance, the muffler of a generator was shaken off the unit and resulted in killing the occupants of one home.

Here in Wolcott, Fire Chief Kyle Dunn reports no carbon monoxide incidents in town so far, although they did investigate one call for a CO concern.

November 1, 2011

National Guard Delivers Water

“Its awesome to see a National Guard truck coming into town,” Mayor Thomas G. Dunn told the Town Council Tuesday night. Six pallets of water have been delivered to the town and will be distributed at the Town Garage on Todd Rd. beginning Wednesday at 9 am.

Distribution will be done between 9 am – 2 pm. “If anyone can’t get any until they get home from work, they can call the police department at 879-1414 and we’ll arrange to get it to them,” says Dunn.

November 1, 2011

School Closed / Senior Center Open Wednesday

Schools in Wolcott will be closed on Wednesday. Alcott School is the only one without power still, but the town is working with CL&P to get that area back online soon.

The Senior Center will open for Bingo and Setback on Wednesday. Bingo is ten cents per card. Excercise will not be held. The storm shelter is still open around the clock for anyone who would like a warm meal, charge their phones, or place to sleep. Cots have been set up and volunteers are manning the site. Tyrrell School will also continue to be used for showers from 7 am – 10 pm.

November 1, 2011

Progress Being Made, Wolcott Provides for Area

“Happiness is when you can run warm water over your hands for minutes on end,” remarked an elderly woman staying at Wolcott’s storm shelter at the Senior Center Tuesday morning. Indeed. A dozen residents left the shelter Monday evening when they found out power was restored to the Woodtick and Wolf Hill Rd. neighborhoods that night. Some opted to stay at the shelter to allow their residences a chance to warm up over night first however.

The Shelter was full Monday night for dinner as workers from La Fortuna restaraunt volunteered to cook hamburgers and homefries. “People have been really good – donating eggs and offering food. We keep getting phone calls all day from residents wanting to help out,” says Senior Center director Donna Belval. About 15 residents were in the center just before noon Tuesday, but families have been coming and going to warm up and then head back outside.

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November 1, 2011

Our View: Appreciating Power

Bristol Press Editorial

Twice in two months, Connecticut residents have found themselves setting records — climates records, yes, but also the number of people in the dark. The more than 770,000 who lost power Saturday broke a record that was set only weeks before when the remnants of Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast in August. This time, Continue Reading…