Whisper’s Coverage and Contacts

Thanks for checking in.

The Whsper is committed to giving you important coverage on the storm’s impact in Wolcott. Because of some cell phone problems and the loss of a computer charger, updates will be intermittent, but we will continue to try to update the site at least once daily. Our goal will be an update in the mid-morning and again in the late evening.

Because of the widespread impact of the storm, we can use your help. Below every article is a “Leave a Reply” feature which you may use to communicate with your fellow residents. We encourage this to be used liberally. Tell us about your storm experience, give us additional info about street problems, or offer a suggestion to improve town response or how we can use this space more effectively.

Beginning today, we are offering an “Open Forum” space at the top of the newblog. If you have a need- such as an elderly person needing shovelling, or perhaps can offer your service, post it there.

Apart from the storm, there is other news we want to report, especially about the upcoming elections. We hoped to have candidate profiles posted already but have been delayed due to the storm and other factors. Hopefully those will be up by Thursday. If you are a candidate, please contact us ASAP to be included if you have not done so already.

Thankyou and please continue your support and give us your input. We can be reached by e-mail at WolcottWhisper@gmail.com or 203-558-5817. Please leave your name and number if you reach the voicemail.

Thank you.
Chris O’Brien


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