Weather and Road Closures

Good Morning.

At 9:00 am Monday morning, we have compiled a weather report:

Monday – Black ice until about 11 am. Heavy fog in some patches this morning due to temperature changes between lakes and the air. Sunny with a high aronud 45 degrees. Temperatures tonight will be above freezing, but cold.

Tuesday – Cloudy with a scattered shower as a front passes to our south. Heavy rain will stay near Long Island, but Wolcott should be ok. Temperatures just below 50 degrees.

Wednesday – Thursday – Temperatures reaching around 60, sunny. Overnight temps in the mid 40s.

As of Monday morning, the following key roads are still closed:

Meriden Rd. / Rt. 322 –The mountain is still closed between East St. and the Marion Post office. Lower County Road is open, however there is a low hanging powerline at the intersection with Meriden-Waterbury Rd. Trucks are not allowed and any vehicle over 9 feet should avoid this road. Also, note that there is a 3 ton weight restricton on the cement bridge.

Woodtick Rd. – This road is still blocked between Boundline Rd. and Ransom Hall Drive. If you are headed towards Waterbury, there is no detour available except going over Center St. to Rt. 69 or . You cannot head through the neighborhoods because they are blocked.

Pleasant St. – This is why you can’t get to Waterbury via Woodtick Rd. A large tree is down across Pleasant St. at Old Boundline Rd. Residents in the neighborhood need to make their way to Woodtick Road, then head north to the intersection of Center St. / County Rd.

Ransom Hall Drive – Ransom Hall is blocked in two points. First, it is blocked about 3 houses in from County Road. The second blockage is at Colman Dr.

Other smaller roads are blocked or partically blocked throughout town. Portions of Lower County Rd. have limbs partially extending into lanes, as is also the case on Lyman Rd. and Longmeadow Dr. Please use caution, as many powerlines are still down. Since Wolcott is about 50% electrified, there is no way to knwo whether a downed line is charged or not. Stay away!

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