Governor: Expect to Be Without Power

Governor Malloy addressed the state at 6:30 tonight giving cautions reminescent of Hurricane Irene as over 300,000 residents are already without power. “We are experiencing outages beyond what we experienced during Hurricane Gloria,” he told reporters.

As of the news conference, one person has died on Rt. 85 in Colchester and a State Trooper was injured in an accident. His injuries are not life threatening.

The starkest news the Governor gave was that he expected about half a million state electrical customers to be out of service. This amounts to more than half the state without electricity. “There are crews on duty – but let me be clear – these crews are only on duty to respond for emergency situations only,” Malloy stressed. Because the storm is expected to bring high winds statewide – up to 60 mph along the coast – and many trees have not lost their leaves yet, the potential for trees and limbs falling is higher than a regular winter storm. Electrical crews are only responding to reports of arcing wires, wires that might be live in a street, and similar situations. “If you are without power, your power will not be restored tonight. Expect and be prepared to be without power for an extended period of time.”

CL&P will begin cleanup and restoration work until sometime after midday Sunday. The Governor assured residents that ambient captured heat within a home should keep residents warm enough for at least 24 hours.

The State has over 1600 of its own vehicles plus 40 contractors plowing on roadways. The timing of the storm caught many by surprise, to the Governor’s dismay. “We were preparing for this for several days and put the word out. That said that, people decided not to cancel their plans and were on the road. The storm also came in about two hours sooner than expected.”


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