Olmstead Announces Website

Steve Olmstead, Democratic Candidate for Mayor

Campaigning is going high tech this year.

With some candidates posting Facebook profiles, and just a week after Mayor Tom Dunn announced a new town governmental website, his Democratic opponent announced the launch of a website of his own. Steve Olmstead announced his website at a candidates’ forum at Tyrrell Middle School Thursday night. The website includes a listing of the Democratic slate and letters endorsing him.

A video posted on the website features current Tax Collector Lorraine McQueen interviewing Olmstead, Town Council candidate Michael Santagotta, and candidate for Treasurer, Roger Levesque about the election.

In a letters section, five letters are posted endorsing Olmstead, however a glance at the letters reveals three as being unsigned. Another appears to be written by a relative of his wife. One additional letter is signed by another resident. As of very late Thursday, the Whisper is unable to verify who wrote the unsigned letters but will attempt to do so in the upcoming days.

The Whisper has distributed surveys to candidates of all parties. Responses are coming in, and will be compiled over the weekend. Stay tuned for in depth interviews with Mayor Tom Dunn and challenger Steve Olmstead.


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