Legislators To Hear Constituents

Rep. Rob Sampson

State Senator Joe Markley and State Representative Rob Sampson will both be at Pat’s IGA today from 4:30 – 6:30 for a “Senator on your Sidewalk”. Any resident may stop by to talk with Markley about any topic in an informal setting, or just say hello.

Their appearance comes just a day after the legislature approved a jobs bill as well as a $300 million deal to bring Jackson Labs to the UConn Medical campus in Farmington. Both voted in favor of the jobs bill, but against the Jackson Lab bill. Sampson expressed frustration before the vote because legislators were not even given a copy of the bill until just a few hours before they voted on it. It also would bond additional money to pay for lost revenue in the budget. “They’re not cutting anything in the budget except revenues. Something has to replace the lost revenue, and it should be cuts in spending, but that’s not what is being proposed. Its both spending more and costing more in the long run,” he told the Whisper Tuesday evening. Sampson reiterated a campaign pledge not to raise taxes, and feels that interest on the bonding would do exactly that.

Sen. Markley remarked that “$300 million for 300 jobs ten years from now is too much money for too little result. We are being rushed into a bad deal, without proper investigation and negotiation. Protecting the taxpayers’ dollars is our first responsibility, and this raw deal doesn’t do that.”

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