Shoreline Emergency Center to Move

Editor’s note: Connecticut has 36 hospitals providing medical care throughout the state. Because healthcare and emergency services affect the debate in Connecticut, the Whisper believes this article from the Connecticut River Shoreline may be of interest to Wolcott readers. Locally, St. Mary’s and Waterbury Hospitals are planning mergers; as are Yale- New Haven and St. Raphael’s Hospitals. Shifts in healthcare economics often change how it is provided to the consumer- patients.

Shoreline Medical in Essex

By Jerome Wilson
The Shoreline Medical Center, presently located in Essex at 260 Westbrook Road, is planning to move out of town. Sites in Old Saybrook, just off I-95 at Exit 66, and Westbrook, off I-95 at Exit 65, are among those that have been considered.

One of the candidate sites in Old Saybrook has already been rejected because of ground water problems, according to a spokesperson at Middlesex Hospital.

Middlesex Hospital owns and operates the Essex-based Shoreline Medical Center, which offers emergency services, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, as well as radiology services, including open and closed MRI, high speed CAT scans and mammography, plus a variety of neurology services.

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