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October 4, 2011

Whisper To Cover Election

Its October, meaning that signs the signs designating the names of dozens of brave residents willing to serve their town have gone up on lawns throughout town. In exactly 5 weeks, residents will choose who will set priorities for Wolcott’s children. Education is this town’s largest industry. They will also select 9 individuals who will serve on the finance board, and others who will interpret regulations on zoning and tax assessment. As in past years, the Whisper endeavors to provide you with as much information as possible on this year’s election. As signs go up, mailers go out, we need to ask you – what are the most important issues facing Wolcott today? What kind of person do you want to serve?

In upcoming weeks, we will be reaching out to as many candidates as possible, including Democratic Mayoral candidate Steve Olmstead and current Mayor Thomas G. Dunn, who will be on the petitioning line. Republicans are leaving their mayoral options blank, but are mounting a strong challenge for Town Treasurer. Unusually prominent names abound on both party lines as well as Row C for Town Council this year. And who is this Joe Santopietro, running for the Board of Assessment Appeals. Could it be…?

But before we talk to the candidates, we want to hear from you. What do you seek in a candidate? What issues do you see as most important this year? Post them below, or send us an e-mail at

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October 4, 2011

Shoreline Emergency Center to Move

Editor’s note: Connecticut has 36 hospitals providing medical care throughout the state. Because healthcare and emergency services affect the debate in Connecticut, the Whisper believes this article from the Connecticut River Shoreline may be of interest to Wolcott readers. Locally, St. Mary’s and Waterbury Hospitals are planning mergers; as are Yale- New Haven and St. Raphael’s Hospitals. Shifts in healthcare economics often change how it is provided to the consumer- patients.

Shoreline Medical in Essex

By Jerome Wilson
The Shoreline Medical Center, presently located in Essex at 260 Westbrook Road, is planning to move out of town. Sites in Old Saybrook, just off I-95 at Exit 66, and Westbrook, off I-95 at Exit 65, are among those that have been considered.

One of the candidate sites in Old Saybrook has already been rejected because of ground water problems, according to a spokesperson at Middlesex Hospital.

Middlesex Hospital owns and operates the Essex-based Shoreline Medical Center, which offers emergency services, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, as well as radiology services, including open and closed MRI, high speed CAT scans and mammography, plus a variety of neurology services.

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October 4, 2011

Column: Metro North’s Huge Price Increase Stems from Malloy

courtesy: CTNewsJunkieBy Christine Stuart
Services won’t be cut, but Connecticut commuters will see the first in a series of fare hikes Jan. 1 that will increase fares by more than 12 percent over the next three years under a plan announced Friday by the Department of Transportation.

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Column: Metro North’s Huge Price Increase Stems from Malloy
By Jim Cameron
If a mugger came up to you on the street and said “I’m going to poke your eyes out!”, but then he only kicked you in the groin, would you think better of him?

That’s what Metro-North commuters are asking themselves now that CDOT has decided on 15.25% fare hike spread over the next three years instead of the 16.4% hike first proposed. Are we supposed to be grateful?

To their credit, CDOT held eight public hearings around the state to gauge commuter response to their plan. Hundreds turned out, 99% of them saying there was no justification for a fare increase in light of worsening service. But having asked the public for their views, the CDOT chose to ignore them.

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October 4, 2011

Bristol Hospital Holds October Community Education Programs

Bristol Hospital offers a variety of community education programs through its Pathways To Your Health catalog. These range from pregnancy and birthing classes to Cancer and Overeaters support groups. For more information or to register for a class, call InfoLink at 860-585-3661.

These classes will take place in the month of October. Click Here for the schedule from the Bristol Press.

October 4, 2011

Unions Blast Malloy for ‘Outrageous Bonuses’

As word of Gov. Malloy’s plan to provide longevity payments to managers and agency officials, unions representing state workers are responding with words of outrage.

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What Shared Sacrifice? What Budget Crisis?
By Jon Pelto

According to a breaking story just posted to CTMirror, the Malloy Administration will be sending out full longevity bonuses to about 3,500 senior state managers including people on the Governor’s staff, over 60 high-ranking officials and employees in the Governor’s Office of Policy and Management and a number of his Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and other top political appointees.

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