Storm Damage to be Heard

The Wolcott Economic Development Commission will have a special meeting tonight at Town Hall to hear from businesses that have suffered flood damage over the past two weeks. The meeting will be at 6:30 on the second floor.

Chairman Christopher O’Brien toured the Nutmeg – Town Line Road area last week and spoke to various businesses examining water crossing over driveways and into buildings. Venus Drive was also a concern. Plans by the town are already in place to add drainage to the area, however that project is only going out to bid now. Its unclear whether the project will be started before the winter or early next year.

While touring the area O’Brien discovered additional problems to some businesses. “There’s a stream that seems to have moved across a couple properties, and the second storm tore gaping holes into loading areas of other businesses.”

O’Brien hopes businessmen come forward so the Commission can understand the problems and see if the Town can assist. “There may be areas where we cannot step in because the problem is on private property or simply be at the whim of nature- but wherever we can assist, I think our Commission has a duty to try.” FEMA aid in particular is targetted towards residences through the form of grants, however businesses can only obtain loans. The commission may explore other avenues.

A bonding referendum passed in August approving more than $10 million towards adding better drainage to town roads. In addition to this money, additional state and federal funds have been slated to assist the industrial zones specifically. That project has already begun on Tosun Rd. last month.

O’Brien is concerned that there could be other businesses in town that might have been affected by flooding that the town is not yet aware of. He encourages them to step forward. “We want to be aware of what factors affect our local economy and whenever possible, bring those issues to the right people so we can have the best business climate possible during a tough economy.”


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