Republicans Host Public at HQ Tonight

Local Republicans will open their campaign headquarters with a pizza party at 690 Wolcott Rd. tonight. The public is welcome to attend the opening and ask questions of candidates for elected office and have a bite to eat. A large black bus advertising Town Treasurer candidate Dennis Cleary marks the site of the headquarters at the former Yankee Larder building next to Five Guys Flippin’ Pies.

Mayor Dunn will be on hand as well, because both his campaign and the Republican Party will be sharing the space. Dunn is on the ballot as a petitioning candidate seeking a 5th term.

Republicans are not running a mayoral candidate and have indicated support for the Mayor in this year’s election. They hope that the rest of their ticket can draw on Dunn’s support in re-taking control of the Town Council and adding seats to the Board of Education and other offices.

Democrat Steve Olmstead is challenging Dunn for the top office this year and a number of candidates are also running as petitioning candidates for other offices, but are not running in connection with Dunn.

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