Road Closures

The Old Tannery Brook flooded Nutmeg Valley Rd. after the storm

All roads in Wolcott, including the industrial park have been open since Monday morning. There are no reported washouts or continuing traffic issues as of Monday morning. The Public Works Dept. does have a running list of streets that still need attention from storm related damage. If a tree or branch appears precarious, make sure you contact DPW so that it does not endanger motorists.

They cannot do work on trees which are soley on private property, however.

Connecticut DOT are working on highways around Connecticut. Rt. 72 in Bristol is closed because of a washout at Old Waterbury Rd. near Memorial Dr. That are suffered widespread flooding Sunday which later claimed the life of a canoeist.

Rt. 8 northbound will only have one lane between exits 23 and 25 in Seymour and Beacon Falls.

Further south, a 4 mile section of the right lane of Rt. 8 northboundis being worked on between exits 16 and 21.


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