Donations From Animal Shelter Supply Fund Saves Puppies

By Joe Ouimet
Three shepherd mix puppies that could fit in your pocket were scurrying around the intersection of Garrigus Court and Meriden Road. Cars and trucks traveling their usual routes had no idea what was so close to their tires. Erica Hellman did notice them and took action to save the three puppies. She began the long road of rescue for Erika, Jacoby, and Drew (the brown and black puppies.)

The first night the three puppies had no issues, they played hard, ate well, and slept sound. Around 10am the next morning things took a turn for the worse. Little Jacoby began to have violent seizures and the other two weren’t playing anymore. Animal Control was called and they were immediately brought to Dr. Jeff Miller at the Wolcott Vet who dropped everything and began lifesaving work.

The word Parvo wreaks fear in the hearts of anyone who has ever worked at a vet or shelter. Parvo virus is simply a dreaded killer of young dogs and is extremely contagious. Unfortunately, I’ve had my share of experiences with Parvo and it never has a happy ending. After a quick test the three puppies tested negative!!! A huge obstacle was avoided.

Blood work was done, stool was evaluated, and seizures became less aggressive. The tests showed that the puppies were suffering from lack of nutrition, as well as multiple symptoms from being out on the run.

Every dog pound per state statue operates out of the Dog Fund Budget. This covers basic needs such as maintaining the dog pound, food, Animal Control Officers, and limited vet work. With such a bad economy many towns and cities are forced to euthanize animals because of the high costs to heal them. It’s against the law to make donations to the Dog Fund but a secondary account can be created to receive money to help local stray, abused and neglected animals such as Erica, Jacoby, and Drew. We have such an account to receive donations in Wolcott.

The money from the Animal Shelter Supply Fund was used to save these Wolcott puppies. This is an example of how the Town of Wolcott, Wolcott Vet, and Wolcott’s townspeople whom have donated over the years teamed up and made a difference. I have three little playful puppies as proof of this. By time you read this all three puppies will be in permanent homes. Jenn Vance, Wolcott Vet Tech, was instrumental in helping and even adopted the little girl puppy. I’m not surprised. Jenn is wonderful with animals and my biggest help.

As an Animal Control Officer sometimes you get a happy ending when dealing with puppies but not always. Puppies are fragile, and easily susceptible to many diseases, especially Parvo. It’s nice to have a happy story to tell and because of the Wolcott Vet and the Animal Shelter Supply Fund we saved the puppies. This money that was used for the vet care did not come out of your taxes, but out of the hearts of animal lovers of Wolcott. I can’t say for sure that Wolcott is the only town to have this kind of compassion to help but I can say that Wolcott once again stepped up and rescued animals in need of emergency care.

On behalf of the Animal Control Office I’d like to thank the Wolcott Police Department, Wolcott Vet, and Erica Hellman who saved the puppies from the road, and everyone who donates to the “Animal Shelter Supply Fund”. I always say that I couldn’t work for a better town and now you know why.

To make a donation to the Wolcott Animal Shelter Supply Fund please send checks or money order payable to “Animal Shelter Supply Fund” to:

Wolcott Animal Control
225 Nichols Road
Wolcott, CT 06716

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Ouimet


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