Hurricane Irene Cleanup Guide

Here’s a guide to important numbers and websites to assist with Hurricane cleanup:
This list is being updated continuously…

Wolcott has opened a Commmunity Hurricane Center at the Senior Center. Any resident experiencing power outages is invited to enjoy a hot sandwich, TV, check into the internet. If a resident needs transportation to the Center, please call Darlene Tynan at 879-8100 or the Center at 879-8133.

Non-Emergency Calls: 879-1414
This includes cellar pump-outs of more than a few inches of water. The fire department can assist if the water is approaching electrical outlets or furnaces.

CL&P Power Outages: 1-800-286-2000
You must report your own outage, unless it has already been reported by emergency officials. Be patient. To view current outages in Wolcott and across the state click HERE

Wolcott Public Works – (203) 879-8140
Report any road or drainage issues on municipal property. This includes any trees or tree limbs which may endanger motorists. They cannot assist with trees firmly on private property.

Limb and debris removal Storm debris will be accepted at the dump behind Frisbie School on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Small limbs (cut up to less than 3 feet in length) can be left at curbside and they will be disposed of. Any business that has storm debris should contact Town Hall for arrangements. (203) 879-8100

Weather Related Radar and Information
Below are a number of trusted weather websites which give immediate forecasts and discussion.
Fox 61 Meteorologist Rachel Frank’s Blog and links to her at-home reports with her cat, Rambo

NBC 30 Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan’s blog “Way Too Much Weather”


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