Rain’s Almost Over, Wind’s Next…

We’re not out of the woods yet.

In fact, the storm isn’t even halfway done. After a night of heavy rains, and a few hours of gusty winds around 30-40 mph, the morning doesn’t appear too bad out there, but Town and State officials are warning residents to stay home. All over town, debris and small tree branches have fallen onto roadways and power lines. Police, fire, and public works crews are patrolling the town while they can before the brunt of the winds are expected to pick up over the next few hours.

Corn Blown Over in Brookdale St. Garden

Powerlines have been pulled down in a number of places around town and police found a transformer separated from a pole in the middle of Spindle Hill Rd. this morning. County Rd. has clumps of leaves with larger branches found on the way into Southington. Sporadic traffic lights are out. With the risk of falling tree limbs – and whole trees – the risk of being on the road isn’t worth any reason to be out.

Trees are reported to be leaning out of the ground at a greater angle than usual. The adjacent picture explains it all. This corn garden at the rear of Chris O’Brien’s apartment was about 7 feet tall yesterday. As you can see, most of it is all laying flat. O’Brien sunk into the grass nearby a few inches when he stepped on it. After 7 inches fell on Wolcott, the ground is very spongy and almost quick-sand like. This is what is allowing some trees – and as of 11 am – some utility poles are also being reported as leaning over with risk of collapse, particularly when the wind picks up again from the west. Be sure to stay clear of these. Contact the Police Department or Public Works before such trees strike electrical wire at (203) 879-1414.

Many rivers are exceeding flood stage, including the Mad River. At 7:30 this morning, the river overflowed its banks at Mad River Rd. At 10:20, it was reported that the river began cresting over the roadway. Further downstream it no doubt is causing flooding in the industrial park. A stream at the base of Longmeadow Dr. has flooded near the Liquor Store and is making that road impassable. There are flood warnings for the Naugatuck River cresting its banks from Watertown southward. Other smaller streams are not monitored by the National Weather Service but should be expected to be overflowing. At 11:00, an observer states that water was flowing around both sides of Scovill Reservoir Dam. Between water and trees, access into and out of neighborhoods will be hazardous.

Water Flows Quickly From Frisbie Field

In Bristol, Rt. 72 is reported to be completely under water. Just as a reminder, if you do need to go anywhere, use extreme caution. Only emergency traffic is permitted. The depth of a flooded road can be deceiving and should be avoided.

Winds are expected to pick up, especially as the eye comes closer to on a track which should place it within about 15 miles of town. It is likely to pass through Southbury and Thomaston as it moves north and east. Winds near the center will be around 60 mph with higher gusts as the storm degrades from a Class 1 Hurricane into a still-potent tropical storm. The rear end of the storm has much less rain than the front, however should have very strong winds which, again can topple trees.

Thus far, no shelter has been opened in town but will be opened if necessary later on. In a Code Red message to residents, Mayor Dunn reminded residents that emergency responders are ready to respond if needed. Trash pickup for tonight will be postponed until Monday night.

Feel free to report your own observations and pictures.


One Comment to “Rain’s Almost Over, Wind’s Next…”

  1. We have water coming in faster than we can suck it up!! How much more rain?? At least we have power!

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