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August 27, 2011

The Next 24 Hours

We’d love to give a report of what happened throughout the day today, but time won’t allow it for now. If internet is available, we may be in touch again. If not… well that’s why!

Cumberland Farms ran out of gas at about 1 pm, however recieved another shipment at 7:30 pm tonight. All other gas stations report adequate supplies of fuel as of late Saturday. Water is still in stock in most retail locations with plenty of supplies. A stock of C and D batteries was still in supply at Wolcott Rd’s Rite Aid, but no supplies existed anywhere else mid day Saturday. Those supplies are expected to have run out by lclose of Saturday.

On Sunday morning, Wolcott will open its emergency operations center at 8 am. Mayor Dunn says that a reverse 911 call will be made to all town residents who have landline phones or have registered for the service sometime on Sunday. CL&P is urging all residents to report outages to them as they occur so that they can make preparations to restore power once the storm passes. As of Sunday night, Darien already has 600 outages and Ridgefield about 18.

The rain is the most dangerous factor in Hurricane Irene, as the water table is already saturated from already record August rainfalls. An estimated 7-11 inches may fall in the storm and will further soften the ground around these trees, causing them to become unstable, particularly if underground streams are nearby. The wind will just be the straw that can break a tree’s back. Trees that stand alone away from other rooted vegetation are the most at risk for falling. Try to move your vehicles away from these trees and stay away from rooms that are near them.

911 service is always be available but crews will be cautioned not to travel during high winds and there could be a significant delay in reaching you. Do not approach or cross a downed power line and even if the power is out, assume the line itself could be live.

If you have any reports to help inform town officials, emergency workers, your neighbors and others, please feel free to post them here! Feel free to be humorous, pass the time, or entertain as well!

Stay safe everyone!

– Chris O’Brien.

August 27, 2011

Bonding Passes

Poll Workers Wait For Voters To Cast Their Ballots

Voters approve a measure on Saturday for bonding $12.5 million for various projects throughout town by a margin of 345-150. Election workers state that turnout was very low throughout the day.

August 27, 2011

Commentary: Vote Yes!

During a rough economy, the first instinct is to tighten the financial purse strings. That is to save limited money for a rainy day and wait until better times are ahead.

Yet, during a tough economy, many bargains can be had. For instance, this is an excellent time for home buyers to both find a cut-rate deal, as well as obtain some of the best interest rates in history. The Town of Wolcott is currently in that buyer’s position due to prudent fiscal planning over the past five years. Over that period of time, the mill rate has barely changed. The town has a low debt service which is shrinking more and more because the period of time since the last bonded projects – school construction and additions, a police communications center, the senior center, and other projects- are now expiring. Bond interest rates are very low and the Town’s bond rating is high.

At the same time, the town’s pipes

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August 27, 2011

Bonding Program Airing Ch 96

A presentation supporting the bonding question is currently airing on Comcast 96 throughout the day. Mayor Thomas G. Dunn and Town Council Chairman Michael Santagotta give their reasons for approving the bond question.

Voting will be held today from 6 am until 8 pm.