Earthquake Shakes CT: Did You Feel It?

Open forum today – tell us where you were when you felt the ground shake (if you felt it… some did not, including this author) and perhaps if you thought it was something else. What did you do?

There was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered between Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia at about 1:51 pm and the rumble felt across Connecticut about four minutes later. Buildings up and down the east coast as far north as Boston have been evacuated as a precaution. Some damage has been reported in Farmington and Millerton, NY.

Do not call 911 or any other critical service unless you have an emergency. Any general building inquiries should be directed to Wolcott’s Building Inspector at (203) 879-8100. Wolcott Police and the Building Inspector’s office reported that “not one” call was made to them about any damage in town.

Connecticut receives a sampling of all sorta of natural disasters, including tornadoes and earthquakes. A 1.3 “boom” was heard in March this year prompting the East Haddam Fire Department to search remote homes and woods for the cause of the unusual sound. Moodus is home to a small fault line responsible for strange noises in the woods which have been reported for centuries. Another quake was felt a bit further north in East Hartford or Manchester on June 3rd. That quake was also a 1.3.

A number of temors occured during the late 18th and early 19th centuries where chimneys, walls and other buildings collapsed. Read here for more on this earthquake and others throughout Connecticut history.


One Comment to “Earthquake Shakes CT: Did You Feel It?”

  1. I felt it for about 10 seconds, the chair I was sitting in was rocking very lightly. I did not know what it was until about a half hour later when I saw it on the news. Then I figured it out. Weird huh that it was felt so far away from the epicenter.

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