Dunn Mayoral Announcement Sunday

A gathering will take place on Sunday afternoon from 4 – 6 pm at the VFW Farmingbury Eatery where Mayor Thomas G. Dunn intends to declare his candidacy for a fifth term as Wolcott’s Mayor. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Last week, Steven Olmstead declared his candidacy and was endorsed by the Democratic Town Committee. Olmstead is currently the Vice Chairman of the Town Council and serving his first term as Councilman from the 3rd District.

Republicans have placed James Paolino at the top of their ticket, although only as a place holder seat. Republicans generally have been supportive of Dunn’s performance as mayor, but want to ensure someone could challenge Olmstead or Dunn if anything changes in Wolcott politics.


2 Comments to “Dunn Mayoral Announcement Sunday”

  1. Will Dunn be re-elected if the tax payers knew he was taking out a HUGE loan in this economic time to redo the roads, among other items. Mayor Dunn, have you been watching the news at all? The federal government is falling apart and the state government is threatening to cut aid to towns and city’s. And you want to take out a loan. To top it all off, the residents do not even get to vote for the items individually. It is all or nothing – one question, one answer. Every single person I have spoken to in Wolcott has had no idea that there is a vote coming up. Maybe that is because they missed the informational sessions that they had no idea were planned. This whole thing sounds back door to me.

  2. The Whisper is drafting articles pertaining to the projects.

    An informational session for the Town Council was held. That meeting was posted in Town Hall and distributed to the newspapers. However, no notice of that meeting was made in the Republican -American and so no public attended.

    More sessions are being planned and will be announced as soon as they are.

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