Create Your Own District

Do you think the shapes of the Congressional, state or house districts should look differently? Well, a website can allow you to design your own. Daves Redistricting (click here) will will give you the power. Be careful though. Doing it takes the skill of a Sodoku puzzle crossed with the dismantling of a Rubix cube.

A good question arises from the exercise, though. If the districts don’t conform to each town’s voting districts, can the redistricting commission draw other lines? Yes, they can. Nontheless, this website still can help with a rough idea. Plus, if you come up with something plausible, send it to the State’s Redistricting Commission. Co-Chairman Larry Cafero invited the public to do exactly that. “If you create your own map or suggestion, please send it to us,” he said at a redistricting public hearing in Waterbury last night.

If you want to participate and offer suggestions to the commission at future public hearings, they will be in Norwich tonight and have two in Hartford.


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