Wetlands Dispute Expected at Council Meeting

The Town Council meets tonight at Town Hall at 7:30. It will be televised on Comcast Ch. 96.

An article in the Waterbury Republican American last week reported a conflict among members of the Inland Wetlands Commission where Joseph Olmstead is accused of clearing wetlands aat his Mad River Rd. residence without a permit. While the Rep-Am reported that the allegations came from Republicans, the Whisper has since learned that a Democrat on the commission initiated the complaint. Regardless, discussion on whether or not to remove him will take place during the Council meeting tonight.

A defined Contribution Pension plan for town employees has been worked on for sometime, although the details have not yet been released.

In addition to the usual reports by the Mayor and end of the fiscal year transfers, some of the anticipated topics to be discussed include:

1. Set Summer Schedule
2. Appointments to the Board of Ethics
3. Resolution – CT Department of Environmental Protection (Lion’s Club Pond)
4. Discussion Regarding Upcoming Tax Sales
5. Hearing the Request for Commissioner Removal – Inland Wetlands
6. Approval of Defined Contribution Pension Plan

The complete agenda can be viewed here.


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